Monday, February 8, 2016

Quickies: If You Haven’t Seen This Video

     See it. (Sorry, it resists embedding.)

     Senator Cruz was willing to expose the leader of the GOP Senatorial caucus as a liar and a corruptocrat, on the floor of the Senate itself. No one else was willing to do so, even though McConnell had lied to the entire Republican caucus.

     That’s political courage. It’s one of the reasons I’m backing Ted Cruz for the Republican presidential nomination...and one of the reasons the party elite will do everything short of seppuku to prevent him from getting it.

     I hope Senator Cruz has someone to watch his back.


Unknown said...

Hear! Hear! The nature of the best!

Mark said...

My liberal friends hate him. The Republican establishment hates him. Good enough reasons for me to back him, too.

Bruce said...

I think you should not rule out seppuku. The SQRLs (status quo Repub Liberals, AKA GOP elite, AKA Uniparty) would rather have Hillary than a true conservative or a true America firster like Trump. Don't know how TRULY conservative Trump is but he definitely acts and talks like he has America's interest first and foremost in his mind.

Ron Olson said...

Great speech however as a grandpa I will not be voting for Mr Cruz.