Monday, February 1, 2016

Quickies: The End Of The Day

     I’d intended to post something pithy today – perhaps another “Is Anger Sufficient” piece, which strikes me as necessary to complete the thoughts in the first two – but I’ve been excessively busy with mundane chores and, quite frankly, worn out from fear over an upcoming medical procedure. It’s used up my energy, and I must leave you with this quick thought for today.

     An Establishment that dominates a society the great majority of which is opposed to its premises and policies must master misdirection, sleight of hand, and disguises. When it appears that an uprising against it might have coalesced, it will deploy all its weapons to defend its hegemony. One of those weapons will be the fabrication of a seemingly charismatic leader disguised to offer the insurgency hope that it has found a standard-bearer, but who is, in fact, an Establishment creature.

     I’ve disabused myself of the notion that Americans will rise to restore the former Republic without a charismatic leader. At one point I thought Ted Cruz might prove to be such a leader...and there are times when I still harbor hope for that worthy. But the Donald Trump phenomenon bids fair to knock Cruz completely out of contention – and how? With nothing but bluster, promises, the veneer of an “outsider,” and the willingness of far too many Americans to vote based on his rhetoric while ignoring his record.

     If you’re a Trump supporter, please think this over. Really, really hard.

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Unknown said...

Good point. A charismatic leader is necessary. I have started with Cruz and moved to Trump. Probably neither is the man we seek. I do know that it's not Rubio.