Sunday, February 21, 2016

Throwing it all away.

It was never a civil war [in Syria]; it was an invasion sponsored by a handful of savage rulers who received support from supposedly civilized governments, including mine. Time will not fade the stain. My government, the American government, the greatest government in modern history, threw it all away -- every single noble value, every mark of civilization. So the Aleppans will have to stand in line when it comes to asking why [it has "been British government policy to turn the ancient city of Aleppo into present-day Kandahar"].[1]
Other than America's killer Dudley Do-right complex to right all wrongs and punish all evildoers in the world less wonderful than Sen. Sanctimony, there's not a single, solitary reason for the U.S. to have it in for Syrian President Assad.

As Thomas Sowell likes to ask about economic (and political?) pipe dreams, "compared to whom?" Compared to whom does Assad need to be on the all-time U.S. inter-faith, ladies' garden club, certified-diverse, SPLC, Jesse Jackson, Lena Dunham, Arianna Huffington, C.F.R., Humus Abedin, Chelsea Clinton, intergalactic ____ list?

[1] "Aleppo City: 'Why is Britain supporting the terrorists in Syria’s civil war?'" By Pundita, 2/20/16.

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