Saturday, February 20, 2016

Two interesting comments.

At Gates of Vienna.:
Mme Zamoyski (emphasis added):

The disaster now unfolding across the EU is the result of industrial reliance on petroleum products, and a revolt of the elites — that is, the money elites. Diversity, “freedom”, one worldism – that’s the PR mask covering the economics of this revolution (or suicide).
Nimrod (emphasis added):

Young people aren’t just ignorant of history, they’re also actively manipulated. The strategy revolves around pushing ideas that deny any need to take individual responsibility for things that matter while pushing the idea of taking “social responsibility” for vague abstract things that are either useless, of very low priority, or counterproductive.

In short, the strategy is encourage them to behave irresponsibly toward individuals around them while supporting anything that can, of course, only be solved through increased central government authority. . . .

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