Sunday, February 14, 2016

Antonin Scalia, 1936-2016, Requiescat In Pacem

     By now my Gentle Readers have probably learned of the death of Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia yesterday, from causes as yet unannounced. Scalia was a jurisprudential giant, arguably the sharpest mind to sit on the Court over the century behind us. His death is a blow to Constitutional scholarship and precise reasoning...and of course, a fresh crisis for the Obama Administration to try to exploit.

     Rather than go into an extended dithyramb over Scalia’s many contributions to Supreme Court jurisprudence, I’ll simply post this link to some of his pithiest writings and statements.

     Take a moment to mourn with me the passing of this dedicated Justice and scholar. We will not soon see his like again.


Tim Turner said...

He was a true scholar, gentleman, honest jurist and (IMO) the clearest, most ardent Constitutional justice of my lifetime.

I knew as soon as they said Obama was going to speak last night that he would announce that he'll nominate. He's gonna politicize this. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he nominates some charismatic person that is too far left for Senate Republicans to confirm. *POOF* a million more anti obstructionist voters in an election year.

It's hard to imagine anyone more the opposite of Scalia than Obama.

Backwoods Engineer said...

Our Republic is in severe jeopardy today because of Justice Scalia's death yesterday. Scalia was one of the Heller Five.

I believe Obama will appoint Scalia's successor, and that McConnell and the Senate will confirm anyone Obama wants, including the odious Eric Holder.

Imagine a 5-4 Supreme Court decision interpreting the 2nd Amendment to ban the mere possession of handguns. It could happen. MILLIONS of us would not comply, of course. Any Federal attempt at confiscation, I believe, would result in mass death.

But this one event, Scalia's death, could be the inflection point of the downfall of the American Republic, and quite possibly the traceable initiation of the 2nd American Civil War.

Avraham said...

foul play i think.