Monday, February 15, 2016

U.S. foreign policy in disarray.

In interviews with The Telegraph, Turks across Izmir voiced frustration over Europe's expectations that their country should shoulder the burden of Syria’s refugee crisis.

“Why does it all fall to Turkey? We let in millions of people and still the European Union says we must take more,” said Ali, a 65-year old builder. “All the while, the Europeans, the US and Britain are doing nothing to solve the war that’s sending so many people across our borders.”[1]

Mission accomplished.

Even shorter summary: Obama started something he can't finish and has finally encountered something that his pals in the media can't finesse for him.

Pres. Putin must have had some choice words for Obama when Obama called long distance and they had a "frank and constructive" conversation. That might have included the question, "Are you interested in fighting Islamic terror, or do you want to play Junior Geostrategerist some more?"

[1] "Greece handed three-month ultimatum to control migrant influx." By Matthew Holehouse and Louisa Loveluck, Daily Telegraph, 2/12/16. Yes, it's on Greece for not controlling the "migrant" flow.

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