Saturday, February 13, 2016

Law that isn't law.

Today the European Union is seriously intent on taking over the world via bureaucratic imperialism, using a network of international “laws” that nobody has ever voted for.

The elites think that the well of pseudo-democratic legitimacy will never run dry. Well, it has. Now we have neither democracy (as my previous post demonstrates) nor legitimacy.

The idea that the Constitution or the electorate are just irrelevant whenever some jumped up progressive fool feels like experimenting with people's lives is about to be tested.

Generations of trust are evaporating. And reality intrudes.

"European Pathology Hasn’t Changed." By James Lewis, American Thinker, 2/2/16.


Tim Turner said...

An open-boarders progressive will look at the chaos caused by his world view. He well say, "Well, of course the West has manipulated and plundered the rest of the world for so long, that naturally there will be resentment among a small fraction of the new immigrants. We must not let our xenophobic hatred lead us to over react."

He will then call for further repressive measures against the privileged indigenous populations.

It's been my experience that every time a progressive scheme shows poor results, the left proposes more of the same.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I've yet to hear any liberal I know even mention the word "Constitution" of their own free will. It is a conceptual black hole that must be avoided at all costs. Thus the imperative to stay focused on total government, discretionary solutions. Another variant of the failed non-Constitution variety has to be tried because the alternative is the Constitution, which is anathema.