Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quickies: Those Lovable Muslims Dept.

     Regular Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch will already know my opinions of Islam and Muslims. Suffice it to say that I favor closing our borders to them, and isolating and shunning those already here to the extent required to get them to leave this country and not return.

     (No, I don’t care what any Muslim has to say about himself or his creed; the Qur’an and the ahadith exhort Muslims to lie to non-Muslims whenever it would serve the cause of Islam. Therefore, anyone who adopts the creed has marked himself as untrustworthy. Q.E.D.)

     Concerning Islamic efforts to force themselves upon us despised “infidels,” the invaluable Pamela Geller reports as follows:

     On February 17, 2016, Raja’ee Fatihah, a board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) of Oklahoma, with the assistance of CAIR legal counsel and the ACLU, sued Chad (a disabled Iraqi war veteran) and Nicole Neal, the owners of the Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range, which is located in Oktaha, Oklahoma.

     The American Freedom Law Center is representing the gun range owners.

     Fatihah, a self-proclaimed sharia-adherent Muslim, alleges that he was not permitted to use the Neal’s firing range because he was Muslim in violation of state and federal anti-discrimination laws.

     But the facts will prove otherwise. On October 23, 2015, Fatihah entered the Neal’s facility with an AK-47 over his shoulder, magazine inserted. The firing range is an outdoor range, and it was pouring rain that day—no one in their right mind (at least no one without an agenda) would even consider shooting on a day like this. Consequently, Fatihah was the only one at the range that day (in fact, there was an indoor range available to him in Tulsa if he was truly interested in only shooting).

     These facts alone raise enough suspicion for the owner of a gun range (an inherently dangerous business) to ask the person to leave. But there was more.

     While no one at the range ever asked Fatihah what his religion was, he became confrontational with the owners over his religion and his adherence to sharia, further raising the owners’ concerns about this man’s motives and intent. In fact, the owners seriously feared for their personal safety.

     Consequently, they asked Fatihah to fill out a form and then told him that they would get back with him regarding whether he could fire at the range. The owners then promptly (and rightfully so) did a background check on Fatihah and found out that he was a board member of CAIR—an organization with strong ties to terrorism—confirming the owners’ suspicions.

     Unfortunately, “antidiscrimination law” and the precedents set by the Civil Rights Acts are on CAIR’s side. However, there are escapes. My favorite one runs thus:

  • Declare the firing range a club, open only to members in good standing;
  • Require that any applicant for membership must be approved by all current members;
  • Institute a dress code that includes the mandatory wearing of a large, visible crucifix.

     Let’s see Fatihah and CAIR satisfy those requirements.


Fidel said...

Well, there are a couple of problems with your solution.

First of all, as you say, the gutter creed of muhammadanism encourages it's votaries to lie to unbelievers, so wearing a crucifix is not an issue.

Secondly, what about people (like me) who are Jewish? My religion does not encourage dissimulation and I won't wear a crucifix: No problem with those who do, but not for me....

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that pork should somehow fit into all of this... :)

Am I correct in understanding that even a Muslim willing to lie would balk at consuming the meat?

Anonymous said...

Muslim rapists, if caught by us, should be taken to a pig farm. He should be staked down in a pig pin and let the pigs at him. This should be recorded to let other muslims know what will happen WHEN they are caught………..

JC said...

Most ranges requite that weapons be unloaded and clear on entry and exit. Just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Serving bacon should always be a part of the snack bar. Alcohol-serving establishments should clearly sponsor the facility (non-range drinking). "club" open to members and guests only may have advantages in that State.