Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Tragedy For Which No Words Will Suffice

     The following comes from James P. Hogan’s 1987 novel Endgame Enigma:

     Foleda stared at the window. "There was something that happened when I was a teenager—not really so sensational, but it’s always stuck in my mind, so I suppose it must have made some kind of impression. Two people came to have dinner with us one night—a Jewish couple that my parents had been friends with for a long time. They talked about the past year that they’d spent traveling around overseas. All their lives they’d been busy with their own affairs, until one day they looked at each other and realized they hadn’t seen anything of the world, and if they didn’t do something about it soon, they never would."

     "Too wrapped up with family and business, you mean?" Barbara said.

     "Yes, exactly. Anyhow, I can remember Ben—that was his name—saying to my father, ‘You’ve known us for a long time, Chuck. I’ve never had any time for politics. But, do you know, after what we saw in other places, I never want to set foot outside this country again. I don’t want to see our grandchildren growing up the way we saw others made to. And I’ll tell you something else: I would give thousands of dollars, no, tens of thousands, to any political party—Republicans, Democrats, I don’t care; they’re all the same to me—just so long as they’re committed to defending this country.’ "

     The sentiment Ben expressed in that snippet makes me want to weep. When Hogan wrote that novel, it was still possible to believe that Americans of all political alignments were committed, whether explicity or implicitly, to defending this country. But the evidence of our time speaks otherwise. Indeed, not even the Republicans are as committed to the defense of these Untied States as they should be. Their behavior in office suggests that while defending America is worthy of endless lip service, their actual priorities are...flexible.

     What do you think, Gentle Reader?


Linda Fox said...

Keep in mind that the actual Anti-American sentiment is still confined to the leadership. Much of the party is simply anxious to be thought a "good person" -- but without that icky, horrible Christianity stuff (the revelations about sex abuse and money-grubbing have been released to maximize people's disgust. Yes, there are problems, but the timing - and focus on - churches, while completely ignoring government schools, is deliberate, and designed to turn people against one of the few institutions that might fight the Leftist Power).

The masses are reachable. I know them, and they are NOT hardcore Leftists. The MOST vulnerable to being turned are, counterinvuitively, the women. If they can be made to see the vile underpinnings of the Leftists, they will turn away in a heartbeat.

It's not logic and reason that will pull women away - it's emotions. So make sure that you touch on that in every post. Passion, if driven by logic, will not work. I imagine the Patriots of the Revolutionary War (female) were won over by appeal to their emotion and relationships. Same today - women's core does not change.

Mike Miles said...

The Media and the Democrats don't even want to defend our borders and they support open borders and mass immigration to a large degree. That is the opposite of defense, it is supporting an invasion of people who see no need to support our constitution and who will simply vote to drain our country of capital in order to redistribute our resources to themselves. Will we simply allow ourselves to devolve into a third world nation?


I am well - leagues - past the marker where I trust liberals on anything. In parallel, the more I watch the RINOs siding with the Left to protect the status quo of heading towards the civilizational cliff drop-off, so long as they can feather their nests, the less confident I am in people who are, at least in name, on our side.

Some years ago, at a local GOP meeting, we had some state bigwig talking. When someone brought up the media's bias, he said "Good point - we'll put out a press release about that". I did a double-take. Say what?

Even now I see people saying "Well, we'll compromise on X..." as though a year, or two, or ten, the Left won't come back and demand we compromise again, and then again, and then again, until they eventually get the entirety of what they want drip-drip-drip over time. And STILL our side doesn't get it: the Left has a long game, decades long... centuries long.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Nitzakhon, you know the original concept of the Fabians. Stealth and gradualism. That worked well for them though I'm not so sure about the gradualism part. Highly intelligent and educated people have been committed to subversion and destruction for well over 100 years and they have not yet been knocked back on their heels. Quite the contrary as disgusting specimens of leftism now sit in Congress.

Reg T said...

Allowing, even supporting the flood of aliens - who have no desire whatsoever to assimilate - is the Left's work-around to the fact that increasing the number of American citizens on food stamps and welfare wasn't achieving the Cloward-Piven effect as quickly as they would like. The current bunch on the Left have a short attention span, so they are pushing hard for the end game right now, instead of showing the patience of the Fabians.

So the flood of aliens - especially muslims who haven't the least desire to become Americans, but rather have the goal of making us all muslims or dhimmis, living under sharia - is the current plan to speed up the crashing our economy and our culture. The RINOs are completely on-board with this, because conservatism - and American nationalism - are just clothes they put on and take off depending upon who they are trying to impress. They are - or wish to become - the elite who expect to be able to ride the tiger when it all comes crashing down.

Linda Fox said...

I've got to be the Left's biggest nightmare. The Leftist college I attended used Cloward-Piven (spoken of admiringly), Freires, Focault (I never did understand his crazier thought processes), et al.

I've heard their arguments, and didn't buy into them - but, I did remember them, and so their impact is lessened.

Sam L. said...

The GOPers may be mostly iffy, but the Dems are completely untrustworthy.