Friday, January 18, 2019

Some Links to the Rebellion Triangle and Other Activities

Here's a video that explains - in detail - much of the sleazy, partisan, unprincipled workings of the Mueller Cohort.

What does England and France have to do with us? Quite a lot, actually.

There's a free-for-all happening at The Declination. It centers around discussions of Social Security, and what might be done. Also vets' issues, and a lot of other stuff. Interesting, and a lot of give-and-take.

What We Might Learn From the Yellow Jackets - YJs.

A FUN way to raise awareness.


SiGraybeard said...

Re: The Declination and the story about boomers vs. Greatest Generation vs. SG - it leaves out the party most responsible for screwing up the system: the itself. Time after time since the start of the program.

Linda Fox said...

Well, yeah. And the Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats for that.