Sunday, January 6, 2019

Denial of Observation

Leftists have a fascinating ability to sell blatant lies packaged as false dialectic. Many no doubt recall the "Hispanics are natural conservatives" bologna. I had a Leftist acquaintance repeat it to me when I pointed out that the Democrat argument for amnesty and migration is hugely self-serving.

There are, of course, those Hispanic groups who do vote reliably conservative, such as Cuban exiles. However, this is untrue of the rest, and those vastly outnumber the conservative-leaning groups. It's another way for Leftists to deflect answering an important truth: they support mass migration for largely self-serving reasons.

In essence, it's just another push for Socialism. History is replete with examples of citizens importing foreigners to use against their domestic enemies. In our time, this process is less bloody than it once was (though this may change at any moment), however the core tactic is the same. Americans could not be talked into full Socialism, so the Democrats came up with the idea of replacing Americans.

All the rigmarole about empathy, feeling sorry for the poor, impoverished people of... wherever... that's all a smokescreen for the fact that they want to import more Leftists and shift the Overton Window Leftward.

For some reason, many Rightists take Leftists at face value when they argue about the refugees from Syria, or the illegals streaming across the border. Too many assume good intentions. At least when Justinian II arrived at Constantinople (705) demanding his throne back, with an army of Bulgarians behind him, nobody was empathizing with the Bulgarians.

Leftists can spin just about anything. They can tell you why Mexicans are natural conservatives while simultaneously touting the arrival of the Democrat demographic majority, by quoting immigration statistics.

Every Rightist they disarm this way is one less to stand in the way of their Socialist agenda.
The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. 
Everyday, Leftists do this. One once told me that California was the most prosperous state in the union, that it had less poverty than most Right-leaning states. This, of course, is utter bunk. He based this off GDP, with no respect for purchasing power parity, and the fact that California - far from being a beacon of income equality - is extremely bifurcated. There are many super-wealthy (Hollywood, Silicon Valley, etc...), and many super-poor, and somewhat less in between. In truth, California is the second most impoverished state in the entire country when these things are taken into account.

But forget that. Drive through Los Angeles, or read about how people are living in boxes and run-down, illegally-parked motorhomes in San Francisco. The evidence of your eyes and ears is sufficient to disprove the assertion.

Yet the Leftist could not be moved from his assertion.

Another explained that, when the Dow rose following Trump's election, that was really Obama's policies that did that. When the Dow took a dump recently, that was, of course, Trump's fault. When the Dow subsequently recovered, that was, again, the doing of Democrats.

He said this while simultaneously explaining that Capitalism was evil, and all of this needed to be nationalized anyway.

They are like the Israelites in the wilderness. Moses climbs the mountain to receive the commandments, and he comes back down and sees them worshiping the golden calf. Have you ever wondered how any people could be so stupid as to do that? Bereft of God, most people will seek out an idol.

Today's Leftists have replaced God with Socialism. That is their idol, their golden calf. And they will do anything for it. They will lie for it. They will steal for it. They will burn down their own country for it. They will demand you deny your own observations for it. When you look at what they are saying through this lens, the lie becomes clear.

Even those who think they are arguing in good faith really aren't. They bow to the golden calf too. They will torture their sense of reason to explain their adherence to the idol of Socialism; to resolve the omnipresent doublethink. But in the end, that devotion outweighs the evidence of their own eyes.

Maybe there is hope for some, that when Moses descends from the mountain, they feel a burning shame for their idol-worship as some Israelites surely did.

Don't hold your breath, though.

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Reg T said...

It should become apparent to people how much the Left and islam have in common.