Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Drip, Drip, Drip

It's not just the Left that can use the steady forces that can wear down Resistance.

The Gosnell movie, which was only available at a few theaters, and for a very short time, is available for pre-order on Amazon.

It's already hit #1.

It won't even be released until early February - guys, this is a game-changer. Non-Leftists can bypass the Leftist gatekeepers, and get their message out.

It's the same as has been happening in books, videos, and podcasts. Not to mention AM Talk Radio.

The uniform messaging of the Leftists, which formed a wall between reality and the public, has been breached.

All apologies to Pelosi and all the others that tell us "A Wall Won't Work".

You're right - in the case of the Leftist Wall of Ignorance. This calls for a song.

I'm feeling optimistic this morning. It's like when the battle seems lost, and the enemy is about to overrun you. You are weary, and your heart for the battle is beginning to fail.

That's when you must push hardest - when all seems lost. If, in fact, you are defeated, you might as well go down fighting.

And, sometimes, at the last moment, help arrives.

Every Day. Every Day. Every Day.

Do ONE thing to add to the fight against Leftist Domination of our country. Read. Act. Assist others.


David Smith said...

As an aside, I was at the Gym here in very proper Columbia, MD (located in the heart of the Federal Enclave of Howard County) and it occurred to me that you might be heartened to learn that the guest WiFi (managed by Meraki, of course) considered you sufficiently evil to block you. Puts you in good company - I also tried Vox Day's blog, then accepted the inevitable and read a Kindle book. You're either Badthink or a litigation risk, either one credits you.

John said...

You have to, because they are NOT done with you. Here's my latest to that effect: American Apartheid, Resurrecting Communism's South African Playbook in America.

I told you I would steal that quote . . .

Linda Fox said...

Wahoo! Proud to be on the blocked list!