Sunday, January 20, 2019


     Our political class needs to be watched closely. They probably get away with more than any ordinarily attentive private citizen is aware – and a lot more than any unengaged private citizen can imagine.

     Yesterday’s developments were more dramatic than I’d expected them to be. I’d anticipated that the Democrats would reject and disparage whatever President Trump might propose – they’ve been trying to impeach him since before his inauguration – but I hadn’t expected that their rejection would travel backward in time. The timestamps on Nancy Pelosi’s tweets leave no doubt of it. Yet the significance of that odd sequence of events has been lost on everyone but a single British news outlet.

     President Trump has been doing exceedingly well in office. Any objective observer, assessing the state of the nation today versus that in January of 2017, would be compelled to agree. But he’s got a target on his back even so. The reasons are several and need not be recapped here, except to note the one that stands out above the rest: the Democrats’ blind hatred for the man who’s undone the pro-socialism journey of their Anointed One. That he thwarted the continuation of that process by his chosen successor, at this point, is merely icing on the cake.

     Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrats’ Congressional vanguard once voted a $50 billion appropriation for a physical border barrier. That’s a matter of public record. You won’t hear them admit to it today, of course. Not only does a politician hate to be caught in a contradiction that stark, it would also be a big extra round for the Trump cannon. The highest priority item on the Democrats’ agenda is to thwart President Trump. Therefore their hatred of Trump overpowers all their other motives. Q.E.D.

     This is the point that must be brought home to the electorate, including those voters who: 1) mostly don’t follow political developments, and: 2) base their votes on considerations other than who’s doing the best job for the nation.

     Imagine a lifelong Democrat voter being confronted inescapably with the realization that he’s been supporting politicians whose motives and policy proposals have nothing to do with the good of the people of the United States – i.e., persons animated by a combination of hatred and power lust. Facing that would have a dramatic effect on any honest man of good will. That makes it a test: who among the Democrats’ “base” is an honest man of good will? And what would those honest men of good will think of other habitual Democrat voters – i.e., those the test reveals as not honest men of good will?

     Never before in the history of this country has the cleavage that divides the wise and honest from the venal and duplicitous been clearer or more vital to address. That there are some Democrats who still belong among the former category is indisputable. (That there are some Republicans who belong in the latter is equally plain.) But the matter must be brought home to those whose voting-booth behavior has installed them in office and who must remove them in November of 2020. If that can’t be done, America has no future.

     I’ll probably be back later with something more. Just now it’s time for Mass.




First, and I'm curious, how does a well-wisher say it? "Have a meaningful Mass?" (Which reminds me, I'm slipping in my new habit of praying with tefillin in the mornings...)

Now, on to the substance of your post.

President Trump is not just guilty of, well, everything including rainy days. He's there as a symbol that The People still have a voice; something terribly inconvenient to the oh-so-anointed Philosopher-Kings who would create a Socialist paradise on earth. This is (one) reason they hate him so. He's also a symbol of the fact that despite an incredible enemedia headwind, fake polling, vote fraud, etc., a "mere" businessman could defeat Felonia von Pantsuit. They hate actual producers; I've read myriad articles to that effect, which is even more pronounced over in Europe.

You are absolutely correct in your assertion that their hatred of Trump for all this, and more, is their overwhelming obsession. Destroying him has gone to Ahab-level, and one can only pray (you to Jesus, I to Hashem) that seeing this WILL turn off people who still cling to reason. This is why I want, should the "Notorious RBG" be removed from SCOTUS in the near future - whether voluntarily or through death - the hearings MUST be televised. Live. No seven-second delay or anything. Let The People see the utter derangement, not only of the Senators but of the protestors. What's that quip? "Liberals want Conservatives to shut up; Conservatives want Liberals to keep talking".

On the flip side, there are increasing numbers of people who DO make choices based purely on ideology, not results. I've been reading Thomas Sowell's "The Vision of the Anointed" and it's fascinating - horrifying too - to see what happens when people who think they know more than they do, and who pay no personal consequence for decisions, make society-affecting decisions... and then - even when faced with actual data of the calamitous effects of those decisions - literally laugh those effects off as irrelevant.

My personal belief is that America's future hangs by a thread. Barackus Rex's re-election after overtly conspiring with the Russian President, ON VIDEO, brought home to me how deeply the character of the country has been removed from even the time when I grew up.

I grew up as liberal as you can get; my father (and mother) were liberals all their lives. But deep down I felt my father's love for America. That love no longer exists on the Left, just a desire to tear it down to make way for Socialist utopia.



And therein lies the Faith we need to fight: Marxianic Zeal. (Sorry, going to self-reference, once.)

And FAITH it is. How many times have we seen Socialism tried, fail utterly, only to hear "Well, it wasn't done correctly"?

Did you hear about the two largest Swedish parties getting together to stop the anti-immigration party (Swedish Democrats) re-electing the PM who promises to widen the floodgates for more migrants despite Sweden becoming a third-world sh*thole?

"Willful blindness" does not begin to cover this.

There is something ugly going on here; I'm no psychologist but I can only wonder at the self-loathing that is behind this - deliberately ignoring ALL THE RESULTS of migration to double-down on it... doing so to prevent the party trying to save your country and civilization and culture from, well, saving your country and culture and ethnicity bespeaks a pathology beyond my ability to describe. Similar self-loathing is evident in France's leaders, Germany, etc. And it can't be "just" some of the agreements I've read about (Barcelona, de Gaulle, etc.). Someone who loved their country would, at some point, say ENOUGH, NO MORE.

There's a scene in SPOCK'S WORLD where the pirates attacking Vulcan meet that planet's psionic masters... who take over the pilots' minds and lock their ships on collision courses over the screaming of the crews. What, what, what could so dominate the minds of the world's most advanced civilization and the European cultures (founded on Judeo-Christian ethics and Greco-Roman philosophy) that they deliberately have set themselves to self-destruct even as their peoples scream "NO!"?


Just saw this:

Watch for the Elite backlash. Hungary, the Czechs, Poland... now, Italy and Spain. Brexit is on life support but, in parallel:

Increasingly the peoples of Europe are grasping that their leadership views them with disdain, disgust, and derision. That will not stand for long. Good. What I fear is that it will take an actual, bloody civil war, continent-wide, to throw off the globalist shackles. That will spill over across the world.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

NIT, no psychoanalysis needed. I have decided that it is the evil that thrives in this world it can't be anything else. Satan's greatest achievement was convincing us he does not exist.