Sunday, January 27, 2019

Running Out Of People

     Say, remember when the crisis du jour was overpopulation? We had neo-Malthusianism, The Population Bomb, “we’re crowding out the natural world!,” childlessness as a “social virtue,” and a lot of other unadulterated crap. Well, today, courtesy of Mark “Mad Dog” Sherman, we have something a mite different: human extinction via the “sex robot:”

     Realistic sex robots programmed to speak, learn and move on their own have been generating interest as technology becomes more deeply rooted worldwide.

     Artificially intelligent androids designed to resemble humans have primarily been developed by tech companies to serve sexual purposes for men and woman....

     In Japan, for example, parallels have been drawn between the rapid population decline and the rise in popularity of technological devices, such as sex robots and “AI girlfriends”.

     Demography experts have partially blamed "a national mood of loneliness and alienation" on the rise in sex doll usage among Japanese men seeking sexual gratification.

     Now, some of this isn’t exactly news. Nor is the steep decline in Japan’s birth rate something that can be fairly attributed to sex androids. If anything, the sexbots are a symptom of a larger problem. Indeed, they’re one of several symptoms:

  • The rise of freely chosen lifelong celibacy among men (a.k.a. “men going their own way”);
  • The transgenderism phenomenon, of which 90% are men choosing to live as women;
  • The phenomenon of consciously chosen male homosexuality.

     The “red thread” that connects these things is the decision among an increasing number of men in First World societies to avoid women, marriage, and procreation. While this is a troubling development – at least among those of us who approve of the human race and would like to see it go on for a few more millennia – we can’t cure it by anathematizing or outlawing sexbots. The bacillus lives at a much deeper level.

     The rise in socially acceptable misandry is a well documented aspect of our era. Gender-war feminism, hostility toward masculine virtues and characteristics, and a terrible, seemingly ineradicable bias against men in the law and related institutions (e.g., the “family courts”) have been operating on First World societies for decades. The legal assault on male-only associations has been relentless, whereas there has been no complementary attack on their female-only counterparts. Men are generally disadvantaged in family matters, education, labor and commerce, and social mechanisms. The recent rise of the “#MeToo” fad, which is on the way toward completely criminalizing men’s romantic and sexual initiative, is only a sharpening of the spear aimed at the male breast.

     It’s almost enough to make one wonder whether the innate attributes of one’s sex have been deemed punishable offenses. The only way for a man to avoid having a legal or social crosshairs settle on him appears to be the complete avoidance of women. Even then there’s no protection against being made the villain in a woman’s wholly fictitious tale about having been molested or raped.

     And that’s only half the equation. Consider this passage from Dreams Come Due: Government and Economics as if Freedom Mattered, first edition:

     Children in poor countries are a form of capital investment. They are cheap labor while growing up, and a form of social security, should their parents be lucky enough to have an old age. There is a direct correlation between income (levels of prosperity) and fertility rates....

     As income rises, birth rates drop, but income can only rise as capital formation and investment increase – and this can only happen in relatively free countries. [Emphasis added by FWP]

     In other words, as a nation’s degree of overall prosperity increases, children transition from being an economic asset to something like a luxury good. Given that the cost of producing and rearing children in First World nations is at an all-time high, how could we have expected anything else but a decline in the “consumption” of this “luxury good?” The following graph adds emphasis to the point:

     [Go here for further data.]

     Now add in the pernicious anti-male developments mentioned above, the availability of social and technological alternatives to mating, and First World men’s general awareness of the hazards involved in forming a fertile heterosexual bond with a woman. Great God in heaven, were the fertility rate to have done anything other than plummet would cause me to doubt the law of supply and demand – and the law of cause and effect, as well.

     I could go on, and sometimes I do. But I’ll close, as I so often do, after a little C. S. Lewis:

     “Who is called Sulva? What road does she walk ? Why is the womb barren on one side? Where are the cold marriages?”
     Ransom replied, “Sulva is she whom mortals call the Moon. She walks in the lowest sphere. The rim of the world that was wasted goes through her. Half of her orb is turned toward us and shares our curse. Her other half looks to Deep Heaven; happy would be he who could cross that frontier and see the fields on her further side. On this side, the womb is barren and the marriages cold. There dwell an accursed people, full of pride and lust. There when a young man takes a maiden in marriage, they do not lie together, but each lies with a cunningly fashioned image of the other, made to move and to be warm by devilish arts, for real flesh will not please them, they are so dainty (delicati) in their dreams of lust. Their real children they fabricate by vile arts in a secret place.” [From That Hideous Strength]

     Yes, you’ve seen it all before, probably right here at Liberty’s Torch. Do you think the Japanese have? Or the Europeans, whose fertility rates are almost as low? Or the gender-war feminists dedicated to the condemnation of everything masculine? Or the leftists who insist that “women don’t lie about rape?” Or the harridans who screech endlessly about “the patriarchy?” Or the millions of women who, rather too late in life, realize that they would have found marriage, motherhood, and family far more satisfying than their careers? Or...or...or...

     For further agita, read Mark Steyn’s blockbuster America Alone. And do have a nice day.



Marriage with a sentient being is difficult; my wife is feisty, and by her own admission is not the easiest / kindest person. But she's also given me two beautiful - if, also, annoying at times - children. I'd like more but that's not in the cards, alas - not without medical help. They, too, are hard - 18+ years for each one; like I tell my wife whenever she complains about parental responsibilities interfering with what she'd like to do: "I knew my life would not be my own for at least 18 years." That's a commitment many can't make anymore.

But on top of the difficulty, there's the cheapening of sex. With a "swipe right" one can get the full deal. No courtship, no investment of time... quite literally, meet, f*ck, and done. Between birth control and such dating apps, we've short-circuited G-d's plan for us.

It's no secret that Orthodox Jews are outbreeding all other groups of Jews. The oldest daughter of my friend in Israel, 15, said "I want at least 10 children". Her next-oldest sister is less ambitious but wants at least five.

Meanwhile, the Left is busy entertaining themselves, and aborting themselves, into extinction. If it weren't for immigration, we'd have them in zoos by now - which is why they love illegals so much: a captive voting base that is fecund and growing to become a permanent voting majority.

Brian E. said...

@Nitzakhon: they will only continue to grow into a voting majority if we don’t stop the flood of immigrants coming across our borders.
...and people wonder why the Democrat party leadership (and other swamp creatures) say that building a wall is “immoral”. They clearly think that anything that might thwart their long term goals is immoral and not to be tolerated!

Oldfart said...

I had a "discussion" with a woman last week that touched on this subject. I've known her for several years and was aware that she was quite liberal but I never knew just how far around the bend she truly was. -I also figured out why she was still unmarried. She was certain (and very loud) in her arguments about Justice Kavanaugh being a rapist and that his accuser couldn't possibly be lying.

I was unable to say a word without her shouting over me - so I simply wished her a good night and walked to the other end of the bar to talk with a friend. 'Liberal Lady' soon quieted down and mumbled into her drink while everyone else stayed away.

After awhile I got ready to leave and as I slipped my coat on I remarked to my friend that one of life's greatest disappointments had to be being the sole owner and possessor of something no one else wanted. 'Liberal Lady' heard my remark and started to climb down from her stool but the bartender spoke to her and she settled for giving me the evil eye.