Friday, January 18, 2019

Bigger Lies, Bigger Shovels

     My sainted father, may he rest in peace, was the source of many a sad wisdom. He wasn’t an educated man – he’d dropped out of high school after tenth grade – but he was an intelligent and observant one. He saw clearly, remembered what he’d seen, and drew the appropriate inferences from the patterns. One of those patterns, which he conveyed to me during one particularly memorable conversation, was in the lies we’re told by persons with a shameful agenda.

     A shameful agenda – i.e., one designed to defraud – requires lies. It requires a lot of them. And they must be driven home with blows. They who reject the lies must be made to suffer. The suffering must be painful, prolonged, and highly visible to others.

     The bigger the lies, the bigger, more prolonged, and more visible the suffering they’ll require for “reinforcement.”

     People are pain-averse. (Say, I’ll bet you didn’t know that.) If a man can’t somehow avert suffering, and is incapable of fighting it off, he’ll seek an analgesic. The Left’s intent is that the only analgesic available to us is meek submission to its agenda. So its mouthpieces lie continuously, voluminously, at a pain-threshold volume, and from every corner of the informational environment. As we are told repeatedly by the media that these...persons are of high status and stainless reputations, this maximizes the pain from the intense, sustained cognitive dissonance their lies produce. Escape is deterred by the threat of punishment: ostracism, condemnation, loss of income, and violence.

     Submission excepted, there are only two routes out of the agony. One of them would require mass bloodshed.

     The above is only the logic of a dead man whose name you’ve never heard, except that I bear it as well. Feel free to dismiss it if you please.

     Dystopic / Thales’s brief essay is ultimately a sermon about the use of cognitive dissonance to induce submission. The people wielding that whip are evil, not stupid. They are not honestly mistaken individuals who mean well; they are deceivers in the pattern of Satan Mekratrig himself.

     Their end is power. This is their means. And it works if not resisted.

     The only escapes are submission and revolt. Submission is unpalatable to the great majority of Americans. Revolt involves not merely resistance but going on the attack. As we’re in the majority, the prospects for a counterattack, using the same conduits the Left uses to spread its lies and the same deterrents it uses to enforce compliance, are favorable. In this, the age of the Internet, there’s really nothing to impede us. Why, then, do we sit here idle?

     The answer varies from person to person and community to community. Some feel too vulnerable. Others are too comfortable. Others yet are already too beaten down. Still others deem themselves secure against the tide, whether correctly or mistakenly. Very few take up their cudgels and stride forward to do battle.

     It’s not in me to condemn those who abstain from the battle. But more of us must take up arms if we’re to have a fighting chance of retaining not just our country but our sanity. No one is strong enough to withstand an unceasing, undiluted, unopposed barrage of lies and come out whole.

     It’s been said that political correctness is fascism with a smiley face. It calls to mind the cover of Jonah Goldberg’s blockbuster:

     Smiley face or no, political correctness – the insistence that certain indisputable truths must never be spoken and when spoken must be punished with maximum harshness – is the point of the Left’s spear. Here is where the counterattack must begin. Those “unspeakable truths” must be spoken at maximum volume, and damn the torpedoes. Here are a few that deserve trumpeting:

  • There is an American culture. It is infinitely superior to all the other cultures of the world, past or present. No other land produces anything remotely comparable to our general standard of decency, justice, generosity, or good humor.
  • The races, as conventionally defined, differ in various ways, including:
    • general intelligence,
    • family feeling,
    • willingness to break the law,
    • and propensity toward aggression.
    The importance of those differences is topical and contextual.
  • The sexes differ in various ways, including:
    • individual versus consensus decision making,
    • capacity for abstract thought,
    • and propensity toward aggression.
    As with racial differences, the importance of those differences is topical and contextual.
  • Homosexual sodomy is self-destructive, but in certain cases, sexual orientation can be changed.
  • There is such a thing as general intelligence, it is at least partly inherited, and it varies widely.
  • There is such a thing as an innate propensity to aggression, it is at least partly inherited, and it varies widely.
  • There is such a thing as an innate respect for the law, it is at least partly inherited, and it varies widely.
  • The diseased, disabled, disordered, and disadvantaged should receive our sympathy and compassion as individuals toward other individuals, but they are not entitled to more as a matter of right. This principle covers any difficulties anyone might ever experience, whether physical, mental, emotional, financial, or social. (Pace Jackson Browne, “nobody owes ya nothin’.”)

     And we must stand our ground when assailed on them.

     I could go on. Sometimes I do. But if the point isn’t established by now, it can’t be established by any means known to me. Besides, there are other things on today’s agenda:

It’s Time To Stand And Fight.

     There is no middle ground. Indeed, between truth and lies, there never was.

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Tracy Coyle said...

re the sexual orientation: I believe it can be chosen. I also believe it is inherent. We are more than the beasts, we have free will and can choose different than our biology.

re the sodomy: this is 1/2 the coin of homosexuality. I think I agree with the premise, if not the conclusion. My own choices obviously affect my position on this. Self destructive behavior takes many forms - relationships, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, avocations...again, free will but also, choices have consequences that people want to disconnect. Which reality demurs.