Saturday, January 19, 2019

Words Fail Me Dept.

     There are days when commentary itself seems unnecessary. The events of yesterday – big news on a Friday afternoon, whoda thunk it? – made January 18, 2019 one of them.

     BuzzFeed ran a wholly fabricated story that accused President Trump of instructing his former lawyer Michael Cohen to commit, if not an indictable criminal offense, at the very least an indictment of Trump’s character adequate to justify his impeachment and removal from office. From a site such as BuzzFeed, which gives new meaning to the phrases “yellow journalism” and “clickbait,” that’s just barely newsworthy. BuzzFeed’s “journalists” have demonstrated their lack of journalistic ethics on several occasions. But then Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller stepped forward and publicly refuted the story. Now that’s news!

     Now add this report on the testimony of former FBI General Counsel James Baker. It completely destroys the “Steele Dossier” accusations against President Trump, along with the credibility of essentially the whole of the FBI’s upper management. We’re going to remember yesterday for a long time, Gentle Readers.

     Apropos of which, here’s how BuzzFeed will be remembered:

     Have a nice day.



Something that I haven't seen - though entirely possible I missed it - was something about which I only heard on a local talk show; to wit, that Steele, under oath, said that his dossier was done at the behest and pay of the Clintons with the specific aim of damaging Trump. It was in the Washington Times, but when I looked I didn't see it.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Glorious Day.

All for nothing on their part really. House past a bill with 5.7 billion in it for the wall. McConnel only has to suspend the senate rule and get 51 votes to pass it but nobody is talking about that.


No. Don't suspend the rules for the precedent that will set. Instead, get the Left on the record stopping it.


… and then, in 2020, beat them to death with it.