Thursday, January 17, 2019

Quickies: An Entertaining Thought

     A lot of us in the Right are looking forward to President Trump’s next Supreme Court appointment, which will probably cement a conservative majority on the Court for at least two decades. But I’m looking forward to it out of a kind of hope some might find peculiar.

     Imagine that the appointee is Amy Coney Barrett, recently installed on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Barrett is a Catholic, and apparently a serious one. (Sad to say, serious Catholics are a declining demographic in these United States.) Having seen Brian Buescher abused by the Democrats over his Catholicism, I’m hoping for exchanges such as the following at Judge Barrett’s confirmation hearing:

Sen. Harris: Judge Barrett, what is your opinion of the decision in Roe v. Wade?
Judge Barrett: It was an outrage. Clearly wrongly decided.
Sen. Harris: So you would vote to overturn that decision?
Judge Barrett: Given the opportunity? I certainly would.
Sen. Harris: How can you sit there and advocate the repeal of a woman’s right to choose?
Judge Barrett: Abortion is murder. If there’s a right to life, there can be no right to murder.
Sen. Harris: I’m appalled that you can consider yourself fit for the highest court in America.
Judge Barrett: I’m appalled that you, who openly defend the murder of innocent children, have a seat in the U.S. Senate.
Sen. Harris: How dare you!
Judge Barrett: Why not? You were never going to vote to confirm me, so why shouldn’t I say what I think?

     I’d buy a Pay-Per-View to see that. Maybe it’s unlikely, but still...!


Linda Fox said...

The outrage from women who have had abortions would power a large size city.

Most of us just could not openly do this, as we know women who have made that choice. We fear to confront the reality, lest we break the relationship.

So, we pussyfoot around the topic. We murmur that those choices are difficult. That it can seem like the more moral choice. Whatever we do, we do NOT straightforwardly speak the truth.

In many ways, that's a pity. It doesn't allow the conversation to be honest. The underlying wound festers.

If you know a post-abortive person, tell them about the Rachel Project. They've helped many women find peace and forgiveness for their prior acts.

Drake's Place said...

An exchange like that, yep - I'd fork out for PPView too!!

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

If only.

Andy Texan said...

What if the Ginsberg seat becomes available after the Rats impeach the President? Do you think the senate will still be able to confirm a Trump replacement? I am guessing that they wouldn't. The Rats intend to use impeachment to stop the third SC appointment until 2021. Trump will have to get re-elected. This is the position of Michael Savage. I think quite diabolical.