Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Quickies: Happy New Year! 2019 Is Off To An Agrammatical Start

     It might be unwise, but the second thing I do after getting up is to review my list of material sources. (The first is, of course, to get a cup of coffee.) And what do I find in the “news” from across the puddle?

     Shalom Mendoza, 21, was taken into custody at a Taco Bell in Paso Robles, more than 200 miles southeast of the prison, on Saturday after receiving a tip from a member of the public.

     Excuse me? Are you saying that the “tip from a member of the public” was sent to Shalom Mendoza? Did he take himself into custody? Immured himself in a cell at the Paso Robles Taco Bell, no doubt.

     It’s not even 5:00 AM EST, and 2019 is already shaping up pretty much as I expected.

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