Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Islam Is Islam

     As Recep Tayyip Erdogan once said, there is no “moderate” Islam. And now Rashida Tlaib, the newly elected Muslim Congressvermin from Michigan, has confirmed that verdict:

     Tlaib deleted the tweet swiftly...but not swiftly enough to prevent the Internet, with its inexhaustible memory, from capturing it.

     Rashida Tlaib is plainly anti-American. The Michiganders who put her in office are equally anti-American. Islam is anti-American, which is why Muslims were forbidden to immigrate to the United States under the terms of the 1952 McCarran-Walter Immigration and Nationality Act. And the rest of the country needs to know it.

     I shall repeat myself:

     No further immigration of Muslims can be permitted.
     Every Muslim in the U.S. must be expelled.
     All mosques must be demolished.

     Wake up, America...before you wake up dead.


Manu said...

Agreed. I can't emphasize enough just how bad this belief system really is (and I say belief system, because it is a mixture of religion and political ideology).

However, as Milo said once, Islam is like the common cold. Unpleasant. You don't want it. But it isn't fatal on its own. The immune system is fully capable of recognizing it as an enemy and defeating it, under normal circumstances.

Progressivism is like AIDS. And when you have AIDS... suddenly the common cold can be quite fatal indeed. AIDS suppresses the immune response, just as Progressives have suppressed our own defensive response.

And now Islam may be quite fatal for the West.


My wife is, at least culturally, a Muslim; she refers to herself as such having been born in a majority-Muslim country. By her own admission, though, she's an atheist.

When I said I wanted to raise our children as Jews, she consented. When we did mikveh (immersion) for them, she was smiling. She says the Shema (HEAR OH ISRAEL, THE LORD IS OUR G-D, THE LORD IS ONE) at bedtime - sometimes - with the kids.

She once said that not only should terrorists be killed, but their whole family, because if one is bad they all are. And her horror at what the Fakestinians do to Israelis is clearly genuine.

Drake's Place said...

I hadn't seen that Tweet and am so darn glad it was preserved by you and other blogs & sites. It tells us all we need to know. And yet, Dems will remain in denial.

John said...

Americans . . . vs. "My people."

How did she take the oath to preserve and defend the Constitution?



Taqquiya. Tawria. (However they're spelled.)



I assume you meant Tlaib…

My wife ENTHUSIASTICALLY took the citizenship oath. She loves and sings the song "Proud to be an American..." and, early on as she learned English, had a shirt "Welcome to America, now speak English!" :D

John said...

Yup, I meant Tlaib!



From NinetyMiles:


Tlaib talks about America getting its due for having oppressed "her people". Do I hear echoes of "America's chickens have come home to roost"?

I find it... ironic. Not long after my Bar Mitzvah my parents asked me if I'd ever thought about moving to Israel (something that would have horrified them) - I said, proudly feeling my love of America - that I was born an American, would live in America, and intended to die here as well.

She was born here... but her heart is not here.

Reg T said...

Why is it that people like this twit, Tlaib, who obviously _lied_ when they took their oath of office (not that she is the first muslim to have done that, right Barry?) cannot be charged with having acted under fraudulent intentions and expelled from office?

How is it that anyone is still asked to take the oath, when it has been proven time and time again that they haven't the slightest intention of adhering to that oath? If they will never be held to their oath, why bother?


@Reg T: Simple. The oath is there simply to go through the motions and window-dressing for the rubes that still think most people in government view it as a "service" and not an "opportunity"... an opportunity for power and/or wealth building. At our expense, of course.