Friday, January 18, 2019

Miscellaneous Postings - Mostly Mine

I've been working on better, cheaper ways to influence the thinking of Persuadables.

My thoughts on the Yellow Jackets, and how their actions might be used to the non-Leftist's advantage.

Social Security takes up a lot of people's thoughts - although, they seem to do f---all with that concern. I've been following a very entertaining post & the subsequent comments on the Raconteur Report.

From PJ Media, there is this analysis of the Attempted Trump Coup. To younger people (and too many Baby Boomers) the word Watergate conveys the sense of a Presidency Gone Rogue, rather than the truth - it was the Deep State, led by Mark Felt of the FBI, along with compliant members of the Mdeia, that worked with Leftists (but, I repeat myself) to bring Nixon to the point of resignation. As a dedicated Republican, Nixon had a grim choice. He could take his chances with impeachment and trial, or he could fall on his sword and save the Republican Party.

The GOP depended on Nixon sacrificing himself.

Don't count on Trump to do the same. He is neither that loyal to the GOP party, nor inclined to give up without a fight. Say what you will about him, if he thinks he has a chance to win, he will go all in.

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Drew said...

The GOP isn't worth saving. They are as guilty and dishonor as any other organization in the swamp.