Monday, January 7, 2019

Factoring Mom into the warfighting equation.

“If I ask everyone in this room to think about the most protective person you know in your life, someone who would do anything to keep you safe, half the people in this room would think about their moms,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told the House Armed Services Committee. “We are the protectors; that’s what the military does. We serve to protect the rest of you, and that’s a very natural place for a woman to be.” [1]

Yes. You just can’t make this stuff up.

I know of an Englishwoman with the British Special Operations Executive (SOE). She parachuted into German-occupied France and, speaking fluent French, flitted around France like she was on her summer holiday. Talk about someone with ice water in her veins. So bravo to her for her amazing strength of character and courage. But, that said, she was close to be a one off and the mass of women are not like her, anymore than all men can kick a 50-yard field goal.

[1] "Girl power to kill: Women now control America’s military-industrial complex." By, 1/4/19 (formatting removed).

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