Sunday, January 6, 2019

SAT Transformation of the Language

In response to a post (Fran's) on the Christian holiday called Epiphany, I looked up the meaning that the average high school student would have of it. I checked with an SAT site, and found that the meaning had been twisted from a specific, Christian event, to a general sort of sudden insight. With no Divine action necessary to invoke that change.

In other words, Wokeness.

NOT the meaning of the Epiphany, at all.

I was so disturbed by the way the SAT vocabulary list was being used to twist common usage, that I returned to the list, and found that epiphany was not the only word that was being 'nudged' into a less specific, and more generalized meaning.

Words have meaning. They refer to specific events, thoughts, actions, and feelings. To give just one example, if you check out the definition of Abhorrent, you will see that SAT gives the meaning as 'hatred'.

Something that is abhorrent is nothing like that. It would be something that you were disgusted by, that brought up a visceral reaction of wanting to avoid completely. In other words, you would be making a value judgement on the abhorrent thing. Not hating it, but JUDGING it, and finding it severely lacking.

And, it's the value judgement that the Left is working overtime to stamp out.

If you have time, check out some of the other words, and consider contacting SAT with your concerns about this diminishment of our rich language heritage.

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Manu said...

Language transformation is a key weapon in the Alinskyite arsenal.