Friday, January 11, 2019

Why the GOP Doesn't Trust the Dems

Well, ONE of the reasons.



If I had a dollar for every America-loving, Constitution-revering Democrat... I'd be flat broke.

They said and passed these laws for one reason: to pull the wool over the squishy middle's eyes to buy years and years of more illegal immigration for the Great Replacement.

I remember, back when McCain was talking another round of amnesty, Schumer was grinning from ear to ear. He knew what the plan was. Heck, they all did. At issue is the fact that the Right (in general) being good people, could not make the conceptual leap to believe the Left was so evil and so focused on power that they'd do this.

Francis, sorry, going to reference one of my posts because it is absolutely relevant (IMHO of course). These people are MISSIONARIES for Socialism, and until we "get it" on how committed they are, just as you are committed to Jesus and I am to Hashem, we will continue to be outfoxed by them.

Now, consider this article:

There is something TRULY PATHOLOGICAL in a person outright saying that the country they're in, the civilization they're in, must be demographically replaced. This can only be a result of indoctrination from Day One into how their country (specifically) and their culture (national and western civilization) and their race (whites) are EVIL... uniquely evil (even though students of actual history know there's nothing exceptional in ANY civilization's misdeeds) and must, therefore, be destroyed.

These people, these MISSIONARIES for the West to self-destruct, are the evil ones.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Linda;

I also remember President Bush "Read My lips, No New Taxes" then he compromised with the democrats and passed a tax increase in exchange for promised spending cuts...and he didn't get them and got creamed by Clinton and the Democrats in 1992 on account of it. If Trump backs down on this wall, he will be a 1 term president.