Wednesday, January 23, 2019

This Gave Me Pause

In a good way, though.

When I saw the article about the Iranian Christians who refuses the offer of freedom from prison, because it came with a condition of renouncing Christianity, I was awestruck.

Imagine ANY prison in the world - even American. It would be bad.

Now, imagine you, as a prisoner surrounded by other prisoners, who have been told by their imans that torturing and killing you would be a holy thing. For the next 10 years.

How quickly would most of us be muttering Islamic prayers, in a desperate effort to Make It Stop?

That they did not, leaves me, once again, feeling privileged to be alive in The Time of Modern Christian Martyrs. This needs to be preserved, recorded, and brought into the churches worldwide, no matter what the denomination. Every Sunday, we need to see evidence of the depth of these people's fidelity to the Word of God. And, to compare it with our own.

Are we going along with keeping our heads down at work, for fear of HR writing us up for insufficient enthusiasm for Same-Sex Unions, Transgender Affirmation, or Open Display of - gasp! - Christianity?

Are we concerned about not making waves in our neighborhoods, families, or volunteer organizations when they push the LGBTQ--------Whatever agenda on us? Will we have the guts to tell our kids, "I know you want to be a part of this organization, but they have distorted the meaning of 'Morally Straight'."

All around me, I see people run down by the constant 'Drip, Drip, Drip' of the Leftist Push. Hell, I'm sometimes weary beyond all measure by the unceasing insistence. It's like living with a 3-year old, the day after Halloween, after he has had the ONE piece of candy he is allowed. You better be prepared to face a lot of wheedling, begging, crying, whining, pouting, and other tactics, for a whole lot longer than you think possible, and NOT give in. The rule is, when, after hours of the 'Toddler Treatment', you do finally give in, you have established the Magic Number.

The Magic Number is the number of hours of Toddler Treatment it takes to get his way. Expect more of it in the future.

Like they said in Galaxy Quest:


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