Monday, January 28, 2019

They Want War. Do We?

     Have a tone-setter from the redoubtable Kurt Schlichter:

     They [The Left] hate you for not submitting, for being an obstacle to their rule.

     The problem is that you are nice, and you project your niceness. Projection is human nature. So while leftist spittle-spewing sociopaths project their own shriveled morality when they shriek about how we’re all racist fascists of fascist racism when racist fascism is actually their jam, we Normals tend to project our decency when we assume that our opponents are just confused friends who are in the throes of a grievous misunderstanding about us that we can remedy with facts and evidence....

     It’s not about race or gender or orientation, but about power – they want to take yours, to strip you of your sovereignty and make you kneel. Their SJW posturing is all a lie and a scam. They don’t care about ending racism, sexism, homophobia, or any of the myriad other -isms and -phobias they blather about. Those poses are just weapons to be used to capture what they really want – total power over you. They seek to shame you into submission, and if that won’t work, then they’ll do whatever it takes.

     Please read it all. The conclusion one must draw from the way Schlichter lays it out – which, in my Curmudgeonly opinion, is a dead-center bull’s-eye both factually and attitudinally – is that The Left has abandoned any and all rules of decorum, civility, or procedure. Certain segments of The Left have decided to ignore the law as well. But the really salient thing is that it’s not working. It’s not getting them any closer to their goal. Indeed, it might be operating to their detriment.

     Once their vanguard strategists reach that conclusion, they’ll turn to open, nationwide violence. In other words, civil war.

     I hope you’re braced for it.

     Schlichter thinks we can still defeat The Left peacefully. I don't think that remains possible. The Left has rejected the rules. The rules are about maintaining peace among persons who differ with one another. Therefore The Left has rejected peace. Q.E.D.

     The Left is willing to go to whatever length is required to provoke outright armed combat...because they think they'll win.

     They think they'll win because we're naturally peaceable. They think they'll win because we haven't yet fought back to any significant degree. And they think they'll win because so many of "our representatives" are more concerned with maintaining the appearance of civility and amity than with doing what we elected them to do.

     Remember Lenin’s maxim of the bayonet.

     The question before us in the Right is: Do we want war?

     Yes, it’s a serious question. Yes, I’m asking seriously.

     A civil war in this Year of Our Lord 2019 would be among the most devastating human events in all of history. The fighting would kill millions. The social and economic dislocations would kill millions more. It would almost certainly be a three-sided war: patriots in the Right, insurgents on the Left, and the federal government, which would deploy its forces in such fashion as the political elite believe would bring them the “best” outcome.

     It’s likely, as Larry Correia and others have asserted, that the nominally federal forces would be weakened (at least) by internal division. It’s equally likely that those forces would be somewhat augmented by the many thousands of armed bureaucrats in the alphabet agencies. Concerning the ultimate correlation of forces, certainty is not available.

     War, as Douglas Jerrold has told us, is horrible, but it is not the most horrible of all things:

     We love peace, but not peace at any price. There is a peace more destructive of the manhood of living man, than war is destructive of his body. Chains are worse than bayonets.

     So we in the Right must settle ourselves about whether we should allow the progression toward Civil War II to continue, or whether to strive to “head it off at the pass.”

     Of course, it would help to know where the “pass” is.

     The political strife attending the Trump Administration was foreshadowed by the steadily advancing degree of strife during the era of Bush the Younger. That period was superficially more peaceful, but even then the rhetoric was sprouting flames and the Left was sprouting kill-crazies.

Remember Cher screaming that if George W. Bush were elected “you won’t have a fucking right left?”
Remember the shrill condemnations of Dubya from innumerable entertainment celebrities?
Remember Congressvermin Major Owens condemning the Republicans as “committing genocide with a smile...they’re worse than Hitler?”
Remember the movie Death of a President?
Remember Dubya’s severed head appearing in Game of Thrones?

     We aren’t at a unique historical point. We don’t occupy a unique political condition. It’s all been done before, in dozens of other nations. History tells us of the terminus of the progression. It’s as predictable as the rotation of the Earth.

     The question of the hour is: Do we want to get there?


Kye said...

America has allowed itself to be pushed so far left that there is no way we can correct it at the ballot box. You see what has happened when we tried just a little bit with Trump. A two year crying jag accompanied by assaults, attacks, and an even stronger effort to push left. Hell, the democrat party has even dropped all pretense of not being socialists and allies of moslems by electing both to Congress. We are losing. If we can't win at the ballot box our only choice is to fight or submit.

I'm an old man now and already fought three tours in Nam as a youth. I can't fight any more. It's a shame because I killed a lot of commies for other people and I would be honored to do the same for my own countrymen but at my age I wouldn't last two minutes. But I don't think America has another civil war in her anyway. They'd rather settle for a guaranteed income, universal healthcare and nice quiet euthanasia.

daniel_day said...

You and furball have been asking some tough questions.
The peaceful solution is for two silver-tongued people, one from the Right and one long-time Democrat --I didn't say "Leftist"-- to ally in setting about to convince the Americans and TWANLOC* that a negotiated division of the country is possible and desirable. It's not politically possible now, but it will be if enough people decide it is. That's a big "if".

*"Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen", an acronym coined by commentator Subotai Bahadur

Amy Bowersox said...

It's been said (somewhere, I forget where) that the Left has a dial for "political violence" that they can turn up and down as they see fit. The Right, however, has a switch, the two poles of which are labeled "VOTE" and "SHOOT F***ING EVERYTHING."

Perhaps the Left is deliberately trying to get that switch flipped. If they succeed, they won't like the results.


A peaceful separation would be the best solution - out of a slew of very unpleasant alternatives. The problem is that it won't happen. This is an excellent piece on why:

Sorry for repeating myself ad nauseum on this... they are missionaries who believe, BELIEVE with the same faith I have in Hashem, they can create a global Socialist utopia where there are no more wars, no more hunger, or poverty, or sickness, or want, or crime. It is their religion, having elevated themselves above G-d in violation of the First Commandment.

Because they believe this, the existence of a place NOT in the collective would be an anathema, and they'd attack. Through immigration, through politics, through economics, through every means available, they'd attack a non-Borgleft nation with fury.

Nemesis said...

Or, as the globalist/Deep State controlled media self-implodes it takes with it the veil that covers many eyes on the Left who will awaken to how they have become manipulated.

But you'll never convince the hard core Left that they are on the wrong road, not even with self-evident TRUTH.

They are the one's that need watching.

Anonymous said...

John C., above, said: "but at my age I wouldn't last two minutes."

I understand the sentiment. But....the course of fire for NRA High Power rifle matches establishes rapid fire as 45 seconds for 10 rounds (prone), and 60 seconds for 10 rounds (kneeling, sitting) over the target distances from 300 to 600 yards. That's 4.5 - 6.0 seconds/round, average it to 5 and two minutes is 24 rounds. Maintain an 80% hit rate at half those distances and that's not an insignificant contribution for only two minutes. Had that been the standard at the Alamo only English would be spoken in Mexico City today and Pelosi would be resisting the building of a much shorter wall a lot farther south.

Kye said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence (?) Nonname Smith. You have a point. I may be old but I can still do some damage in patriotic support of the Red, White and Blue. Frankly, I can't think of a better way for an American to go than fighting for Freedom.

daniel_day said...

Nitz, we disagree only at the edge.
I said "silver-tongued" above meaning "able to convince the peace-loving Democrat Party rank and file that the breakup option is the only peaceful option and that it can be done if adequate time and patience are applied." DP members are pretty group-oriented. If (IF) a consensus is reached the Left would have no choice but to shut up and bide their time.
Exterior forces would be pushing in various directions at the same time.
All that said, I don't believe the above consensus will happen.