Thursday, September 12, 2019

A Different Take on Hong Kong

From Spandrell, a Euro living in Asia. His main idea involves Social Position, and how it determines some of the seemingly irrational actions of modern societies.

Other things that caught my eye:
  • Immigrants, we are told, are a boon to the countries they move into. This is not strictly true - it really does depend on where those immigrants formerly lived. The Irish immigrants, although they put quite a strain on the US in the 19th century, had several major advantages: they spoke English, and were familiar with the legal system and customs. Other groups are less easily assimilated. Those who have no familiarity with the language, are illiterate/near illiterate, have religions that are not Jewish or Christian, or have cultural practices considered abhorrent by Westerners (eating dogs, rats, or other nontraditional critters; female infibulation/mutilation; multiple wives), will not fit in well, even after many years of residence, or generations of native-born Americans.
  • The Great Climate Change Meme Explodes! Film at 11. (NO, that WON'T happen - the news is still All In for Climate Change). There a link to Watt's Up's more detailed explanation of the Mann trial. The graph below, from Jim's Blog, needs to be widely shared - it encapsulates the fraud involved.
  • I don't quite know how to categorize this post on Class Struggle - Modern Societies? The End of Liberalism? But, it's thought-provoking, and interesting, as well.
  • It's a contentious and politically-charged issue, but, yes, IQ is important - not the ONLY important thing, but a good starting point. Other factors that MIGHT be more important for less-cerebral jobs: showing up on time, honesty, polite and rational behavior, not being smelly or personally offensive.
  • Last, schools have been looking at AI camera systems to try to identify students' emotions to prevent violence. 
    • Short story - it doesn't work, because Black faces are too often identified as hostile or contemptuous, compared to White faces.
    • Long story - maybe they just ARE more hostile or contemptuous?

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Francis W. Porretto said...

You've touched on several "untouchable" topics here, Linda. I salute you. This kind of courage is getting very rare.

Race matters.
IQ matters.
Creed also matters, but I've already addressed that.
Ethnic origin matters, at least as regards new immigrants.
And self-nominated elites will promote "causes" that conduce to their desire for elite status and advancement.

And it has been this way for as far back as the historical record reaches.