Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Selection Of Salubrious Segments For Your Sunday

     Titles for these assorted pieces are getting harder to compose. Bear with me.

1. So You Think There’s No Danger?

     A young German girl would beg to differ:

     Believe it or not, when that young girl posted on Facebook about an even worse encounter, she was castigated for it:

     Two years ago, at the age of 15, I was almost raped. I have already been spit on, kicked, pushed against the elevator, in my own building. I live in a tower block. My dogs have been spit on and kicked when I wasn’t looking.

     Two weeks ago I was sitting in the tram, and a foreigner was standing next to me, pressing his thing against me constantly. The first time I thought to myself, OK, he did it accidentally maybe, but he did it three more times. Then, of course, I told him my opinion.

     Here’s the saddest thing: I published a video about it and what kind of reaction did I get? “You’ve started a smear campaign”, “It’s disgusting how you just lump them all together”, “JUST because you’ve had a bad encounter ONCE doesn’t mean every foreigner is like that.”

     Despite having clearly stated my point of view in my post, most of the people who commented just twisted my words any which way they wanted.

     That’s what its defenders keep saying is no danger to us.

2. Orange Is The New...Rose?

     Mostly I disregard the colors of the things I eat and drink. Mostly. But I’ve never encountered an orange wine. Apparently the wine snobs don’t approve of such things:

     Over the weekend, the New Yorker published a weird story that attempts to, once and for all, stop Big Orange Wine. In it, the author talks about visiting the land where this strange beverage has become de rigueur: an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, where (gasp!) the children’s menu has cheese older than some of its audience and all the wines are natural. And what was learned on this journey? That, uh, orange wine is not really about tasting good so much as it is about challenging your taste buds....He finds “undertones of acid reflux” in one, saying drinking it was “a test of stamina.” He identifies what might’ve been “a hint of Goodyear rubber” in a Sicilian wine.

     I haven’t had any orange wines, so I mustn’t comment on them. But I will note that wine snobs tend to dismiss anything that actually pleases one’s taste buds, as the cited article goes on to note:

     In talking about an orange wine he actually likes, the 2017 Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio, he notes that some orange wine geeks actually don’t like it because of “its extreme pleasantness”...

     Excuse me while I top off my glass of White Zinfandel.

3. Democrats Versus The Constitution.

     We’ve known for quite some time that the Left has no regard for the Constitution and generally treats it as a “paper barrier” to Leftist schemes: not to be respected but to be torn through at will. With the issue of firearms in private hands front and center, John Hinderaker notes that this is now utterly unconcealed:

     Democrats regard the Constitution as an illegitimate product of white supremacy, written by a bunch of dead white males who were racists. Why should it command any respect? In their eyes, it doesn’t. Once they achieve power, it will be a dead letter.

     Democrats have adopted the Erdogan philosophy: democracy is a streetcar. When you get to your stop, you get off. Let them win one more election, and the Constitution will protect no one.

     Time was, the standard-bearers of the Evil Party would at least pretend to respect the Supreme Law. Today they no longer bother themselves about it. Questioning one of them on the subject is likely to evoke vituperation of a sort politicians once disallowed themselves. There’s information in there.

4. Ignorant, or Unconcerned?

     You decide:

     AOC really and I mean REALLY doesn’t like the New Faces GOP ad that shows the brutality of socialism. Why? Because it points out her own ignorance of how evil it is. Furthermore, her reaction to the ad says a great deal about today’s politically correct society and the socialism she and too many others embrace.

     Here’s the ad:

     Needless to say, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t like the ad. Indeed, she considers its existence an affront – because she’s “a woman of color!” My, my.

     Authoress Nina Bookout continues:

     So, let me get this straight. An ad showing a historical montage of Cambodians brutalized, dead, and dying because of socialism’s evil is supposedly a love letter to the closeted white supremacist conservatives? My mind can’t stretch her ‘logic’ that far. Makes my brain hurt.

     The Left knows its mask has slipped, and it’s desperate to put it back on. But an open, avowed socialist wearing a (D) after its name – e.g., an Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez – makes that very difficult. Doesn’t the solution seem clear to you, Gentle Reader?

     I’d say Miss Ocasio-Cortez should start taking special care traversing parking lots and dim hallways. Mr. “Beto” O’Rourke might be advised to do likewise. And in neither case will the threat be coming from the Right. They’re assets to us!

5. A Bit Of Fun.

     Having had occasion to open a fresh bottle of Smuckers® raspberry jam this morning, I was put in mind of this old favorite:

     Does anyone else remember when Saturday Night Live was actually funny? Well, way back in the Early Obscene, it genuinely was. The above is the proof.

     Have a nice day.


Drake's Place said...

#1 - the video. What is this world coming to, Francis, when the reaction to the girl is pure hostility, intolerance and inhumane? It is beyond appalling.

Francis W. Porretto said...

The only thing I can say, David, is that it's coming to nothing good. The way things are trending, pretty soon "Europe" will be no more than a geographic designation. The "Old World," from which the New World was spawned, will have vanished.

Drake's Place said...

You are so right. "We" -- the world as a generalized whole - - have moved so far away from not only what God has taught us but TOLD leaves me feeling empty sometimes. Until, once in a while, a glimpse of humanity surfaces whereby we realize there is still hope - even when it's only a sliver. Have a Blessed Sunday and upcoming week.

Ragin' Dave said...

I've actually made orange wine. The citric acid in the end product makes it undrinkable. Same with orange beer. It's like drinking orange-flavored vinegar with a hint of sulfur, tempered by a metallic aftertaste.

Nope. Never again.