Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Conclusion Time

     In every political controversy, one must ask oneself whether a conclusion is possible – conclusion being used in the sense of a firm conviction that one has reached the truth of the matter. Some controversies are not susceptible to conclusions; the motives of those involved are too murky. Others will allow for them, though it might be a while before sufficient evidence can be amassed. And in some, one can make use of “previous work.”

     Concerning the Left’s efforts to defame Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Brett Kavanaugh as a sexual harasser, considerable evidence has emerged in a very short span. Moreover, “previous work,” specifically the Left’s prior attempt to smear Associate Justice Clarence Thomas as a sexual harasser, points in the same direction as that evidence. On these grounds and others, I maintain that conclusion time is upon us.

     The current Justices of the Supreme Court, with their avowed religious affiliations or backgrounds:

  • Chief Justice John Roberts: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Clarence Thomas: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Samuel Alito: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch: Catholic.
  • Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Jewish.
  • Associate Justice Stephen Breyer: Jewish.
  • Associate Justice Elena Kagan: Jewish.

     Thus, the Court has six Catholics on it. I can’t recall a previous time when that was the case. Think hard, now: What specific doctrine of the Catholic Church comes at once to mind in reference to hotly debated public-policy issues and the Supreme Court?

     Kyle Smith has one in mind:

     The New York Times on Saturday joined The New Yorker and many other media outlets in upending a dumpster full of garbage on its own reputation in an effort to smear Brett Kavanaugh. After more than a year of digging, the Democrats and their media allies still have no supported allegations of sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh at any point in his entire life.

     Why would the media do this? Call it the asterisk strategy. This is a coordinated, full-on effort to undermine the legitimacy of Brett Kavanaugh’s work on the Supreme Court. The reputations of news outlets are so many eggs that must be broken in pursuit of this omelet....

     The hope of the Democratic party and most of the media is to delegitimize Brett Kavanaugh and hence any Supreme Court decision in which he joins a 5–4 majority. The ground is being laid to make the case that, should Roe v. Wade be overturned in such a manner, that decision would exist under a cloud. It’s a desperation move: The Democrats and their media allies, the Times and the New Yorker very much included, are envisioning some extralegal or extra-constitutional maneuvers to stop Roe from being overturned.

     BRAVO! Clarity at last! A firm conclusion reached on the basis of the evidence before us! That, Gentle Reader, is today’s political benison. Savor it, as we might not get another this week.

     At this time, owing to the election of 2016, the federal government’s executive and judicial branches are in Republican hands, albeit not by fat margins. Moreover, President Trump has openly criticized Roe v. Wade, though he’s avoided uttering a blanket condemnation of the practice of abortion. With the elevation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, for the first time since 1973 there’s an appreciable chance, should a suitable case come before the Court, that the ruling in Roe v. Wade could be overturned.

     (No, there wasn’t much chance before Kavanaugh. Remember how squishy John Roberts has proved to be. The mutterings that the Left “must have something on him” might just have some substance. At any rate, he’d be an unreliable vote on this issue.)

     Yes, there are other aspects to Kavanaugh’s seating on the Court. Jodi Giddings of Victory Girls mentions a few. I trust Miss Giddings will allow me a great deal of snipping to stay within “fair use:”

1. They know they can’t beat Trump.
2. They know their extremist views on abortion are abhorrent to most Americans.
3. They are fearful that Ruth Bader-Ginsburg could be replaced by Trump.
4. They think impeaching Kavanaugh will bolster their goal of impeaching Trump.
5. Removing the focus from themselves (gun grabbing, tax increases, open borders, hatred of America, etc etc etc).
6. Cementing the women’s vote.

     All of these are plausible, but to my mind the lead item is the Left’s secular sacrament: abortion. The Left has gone all-out to protect that practice from having the mildest legal conditions placed on it. Indeed, the Left has agitated for government-funded abortion. Their argument seems to be that if it’s a “right,” then surely the Omnibenevolent State should pay for it. The possibility that a reversal of Roe v. Wade could return the question to the states, where popular sentiment has turned ever more definitely against unrestricted abortion on demand, is abhorrent to them.

     I’ve done this before, but, as the calumnies about my Catholicism and its relation to my politics have never abated, I’m going to do it again:

     "What did you think of the movie?" Celeste pulled Louis's arm against her and walked closely alongside him.
     He shrugged. "I'm not big on tearjerkers. It was pretty decent entertainment, but I have a feeling they distorted the facts of his life a bit."
     "Whose? C. S. Lewis's?"
     He nodded. "I have a hard time matching the character in the movie with the things he wrote."
     "You've read his books?"
     "All of them."
     He unlocked the passenger door of his pickup truck and helped her into it. Even with his assistance, her stiletto heels made it a challenge.
     When they were in motion, she asked, "Do you have any favorite hobbies?"
     "Hm? No, I read a lot, that's about it."
     "So, how do you pass the time when you're not at work? Just reading?"
     He guided the truck through the gate of her townhouse complex, wheeled into a convenient parking place, and killed the engine. "Well, I do a few other things, but nothing you'd call exciting."
     I've got to know before this gets any more serious.
     Trying to sound casual and failing completely, she said, "Any causes?"
     He turned and looked at her without speaking, then let himself out of the truck and went around to her side to help her out. She took his arm again as they began the walk to her door.
     "If you were to take Route 231 through the city, turn south onto Fullerton Boulevard, and stay on it for about half a mile, you'd come to a light industrial area. On the southern edge there's a medical park, just a few one-story buildings that share a parking lot. Most Saturdays when the weather is good, you'd find me standing at the entrance with a sign that says 'Pregnant? Please talk to me first.' "
     Katie was right.
     "Operation Rescue, Louis?"
     He shook his head as they mounted the short flight of concrete steps that stood before her door. "No, I don't much care for that bunch. When they're there, I'm not. This is just me, and sometimes another fellow who feels the way I do."
     Instead of unlocking her door at once, she turned to face him. He stood with his hands clasped before him. She could read nothing from his face in the dim moonlight.
     "And how is that?"
     He looked down briefly. "That abortion is a horrible thing. That it should be a last resort, to save a mother's life, not a first to spare her some inconvenience. That most women who have abortions wouldn't, if they knew how they'd feel afterward." He said it calmly, no strain apparent.
     "Are you a Catholic by any chance, Louis?"
     He stood a little straighter. "Not by chance, Celeste. By mature choice, and by the grace of God."
     Something in the words flicked her on the raw. Scorn poured into her voice. "I see. And of course that 'grace' gives you the right to interfere in the mature choices of women you've never met?"
     His eyes flared wide. "I interfere in no one's choices, Miss Holmgren. I force myself on no one. I present information and alternatives. Sometimes it seems as if the rest of society is practically shoving women into abortion clinics, rushing them in with no chance to check other options or think about what they're doing. I don't block the doors. I stand beside them with an offer of assistance. If that be interference, make the most of it."
     He started away, then faced her again. "By the way, you might have the wrong idea about something else as well. I'm not opposed to abortion because I'm a Catholic. Being opposed to abortion is part of what qualifies me to be a Catholic. Give that a spin on your mental merry-go-round and see where it gets off. Thanks for your company this evening. I'll see you at the office next week."
     He strode off into the darkness before she could reclaim her voice.

[From Chosen One]

     Louis Redmond’s convictions are mine as well.

     Abortion as a public-policy matter has been debated in the most strident tones imaginable, ever since the decision in Roe v. Wade was announced. As a cultural matter, it’s suffered quite a number of setbacks, most prominently the Kermit Gosnell atrocities, the revelation that major abortion provider Planned Parenthood has been selling fetal body parts to order, and the tide of former pro-abortion voices who’ve turned against the procedure out of simple humanity. The recent movie Unplanned dramatizes that last aspect of the thing.

     While the nation is dramatically divided about whether abortion should be legal and under what circumstances, the Democrat Party is not. Its coalition is already shaky. To keep it together, it must “hold the line” on a handful of issues. Abortion, which the Left regards as key to retaining “the women’s vote,” is probably at the top of that list. Thus, it will do whatever it can think of to obstruct any progress, whether legal or judicial, toward limiting abortions.

     The delegitimization of the Supreme Court, now populated by a Catholic majority, is a component in that effort. The attack on Brett Kavanaugh and the revived attacks on Clarence Thomas – remember the “high-tech lynching?” I do – are central elements in that effort.

     Let’s sum up. A political party that respects nothing but power and is determined to have all of it in perpetuity has committed the foulest imaginable libels against good and decent men who stand in its path. It’s degraded the nation, beclowned its media, and disregarded the sanctity of human life to gain its end. Would you say there’s any real surprise to be had here, Gentle Reader? Any uncertainty about the conclusions I've reached?

     Nope. Me neither.



By "freeing" sex from reproduction, and marriage too, the Left has unleashed a monster.

The desire for sex, pleasurable and linked to the continuation of the species, is one of the most powerful instincts around... and constrained by marriage and (theoretically) abstinence until marriage, is one of the most civilizing things around. And it forms a male-female pair-bond (as imperfect as that is at times): thus, the nuclear family.

Abortion and swipe-right-for-a-hook-up culture destroys that. Which destroys one of the key bulwarks against Socialism.

Remember, these people are missionaries. They BELIEVE in Socialism like you in Jesus and me in Hashem. And like the terminator, they will not stop - EVER - until they achieve it. (Of course, they'll be disappointed, but then it won't be "real socialism" and someone else will pick up the torch.)

Linda Fox said...

Younger women, and men, are not as reliably pro-abortion as their mothers and fathers. Both can look at their own families, and count the numbers of members. Some having done so, have drawn the correct conclusion - they WOULD have had living brothers and sisters, but Mom/Dad 'chose' to abort them.

Kids fantasize about being a part of a large family. It's not an accident that shows about large families are still so popular. However much they try to "build a family" from disparate, unconnected people, it's simply NOT the same.

One huge surprise to me was the 'coming out' of my granddaughter (who is otherwise not Catholic at this time ) as anti-abortion. She straightforwardly states that she believes it to be baby killing. With that as a basis, who knows what will happen over time?

Lots of women have been pushed, coerced, threatened, and forced into aborting. They are a potential base of support.

If you know such a woman, or simply one that regrets her abortion, please tell her of the Rachel Project - http://hopeafterabortion.com/

Paul Bonneau said...

Right on target, Francis.

The technical problem with the issue of abortion is the discontinuity in punishment. Somewhere between conception and natural birth, a line is drawn. Before it, abortion is a mere convenience with no sanctions. After it, murder. It's impossible for this issue to be anything other than a huge political mess.

Some people "solve" the problem by drawing the line at conception - but then are faced with yet another problem, rape and incest. If a legitimate baby has a right to life (assuming one believes in rights, which I do not), then so does one conceived in rape or incest. Yet most people would find this unreasonable.

Other people "solve" the problem by drawing the line at natural birth - but then they have to justify chopped up babies in dumpsters, which makes them look evil and crazy.

I think there is a tendency to treat human behavior as a math problem; part of this has to do with legal systems, where exact wording is called for. But to me, rough rules of thumb make more sense sometimes. Most people would be horrified at late term abortions, but not make a fuss at things like morning after pills or early abortions due to rape and incest. They would probably prefer abortion was regulated more through social disapproval than through law.

Tracy Coyle said...

I can't hold the same position on abortion that you hold. That said, I can't hold the same position on abortion promoted, actively, by the Left.

That puts me in a position to defend something I despise. My daughter is adopted from China. One of the millions of girls ABANDONED most likely because her biological mother could not afford an abortion (financially or due to family). She laments being an only child but not that she ended up here in the United States.

Francis, I wish I had peers or even Catholic priests with the sensibilities your imbue your characters with. I'd probably still be Catholic.

Of course, it means that YOU are one of those people with sensibilities I much admire.

And I truly loved the 'drop the mike' moment in the book recounted here!!


Have you seen this?


Women who knowingly get pregnant just so they can have an abortion.

Hashem have mercy on us.