Thursday, September 26, 2019

Small Beer For Your Thursday

     Apologies, Gentle Reader. As I spent most of yesterday on the phone to various physicians, legal representatives, assorted artisans, and Pascal, I haven’t worked up one of my usual, glitteringly brilliant, insight-packed screeds for today. And you know what that means!

1. Cancel Culture and the “Biter Bit” department.

     “No good deed goes unpunished,” the old saw runs. Apparently, there are...persons out there who’ve decided that punishing the charitable is their mission in life – if the charitable person at issue has ever engaged in wrongthink:

     It all started with a tweet that Anheuser-Busch was dropping out of their pledge with Carson King – if you remember from yesterday, he’s the Iowa State kid who held up the sign on Gameday with his Venmo tag asking for beer money, got flooded with donations, ended up with over a million bucks, and decided to donate it all to the Iowa children’s hospital....

     Aaron Calvin from the Des Moines Register, who initially reported the story for the paper, decided after the fact that he was going to take it upon himself as a journalist to dig into King’s social media history – and he “found something.”

     And guess what it was? A couple of “tweets” from seven years ago, in which King, then a 16-year-old high school student, quoted two “racist” wisecracks from semi-famous comedian Tosh.0. Horrifying! The mind reels! Ruin the boy’s life at once!

     But as Ace points out, people who live in tin houses shouldn’t throw can openers:

     People decided to perform a "routine social media background check" on this Soy Stasi agent Aaron Calvin, and guess what they found?

     Racial slur warning.

     What's this soy-white pasty-assed sissyboy doing using the word "n***a"?

     Oh, Aaron Calvin had quite a few racially or sexually sensitive tweets.

     This sort of “biter bit” tale warms the cockles of my spiny little heart. It makes me glad I’m an out-loud-and-proud racist. I recommend that stance to everyone. It saves one hell of a lot of backing, filling, and forelock tugging, when deployed as follows:

Attacker: You’re a racist!
FWP: I sure am. So what?

2. While We’re On The Subject...

     I’ve been saving this one for a few days:

     A Brooklyn mom, after her son surrendered to police for the savage stomping of a helpless pedestrian, insisted Tuesday the five accused teen attackers are “not bad kids.”

     Yanika Williams, 41, spoke at the 75th Precinct stationhouse after her 15-year-old son turned himself in for the ambush that left the victim with a deep head wound requiring 35 stitches and 16 staples. The badly outnumbered Kenneth Wong, 35, also suffered a broken nose in Friday’s caught-on-video attack.

     “They just made a wrong choice, and they’re going to deal with it inside the precinct," Williams told the Daily News. “They’re not bad kids or menaces to society. They’re good kids.”

     Williams declined to comment further about the East New York assault where five youths on Friday targeted Wong, who suffered a deep gash that cut to the bone of his skull.

     The youths left the woozy Wong bloodied and battered after stealing his wallet — and then used his credit card to ring up $200 in food purchases, including a blowout dinner at a nearby McDonald’s, the victim said.

     Here are those selfsame “good kids:”

     So, Miss Williams, you tell the Daily News that your felonious offspring are “good kids?” Do you tell your kids that? And having told them that, do you expect them to behave in any way other than just as they did in the story above?

     Adult American Negroes, in the main, are decent persons. However, they don’t adequately discipline their miscreants – and they shield those miscreants from the larger society’s justice systems whenever and wherever possible. After all, they can’t have their “good kids” tossed in the slammer! Something might happen to them there. Something that persuades them that they’re not as tough as they think themselves...and maybe not as “good” as Mom and Dad have proclaimed them.

3. And Still Further...

     It’s getting so you can’t throw a rock into a newsroom without hitting a story like this one:

     FREDERICK, Md. (WJZ) — A judge ordered two teenagers held in the custody of juvenile services for an attack that left a man dead at the Great Frederick Fair.

     A public defender representing the 15-year-old and 16-year-old suspects said they were in “complete shock” after learning the victim had died.

     The sheriff identified that victim as 59-year-old John Marvin Weed of Mount Airy....

     Smith said video shows one of the suspects spitting on the victim after punching him. Weed never regained consciousness. First responders rushed him to Shock Trauma in Baltimore where he later died.

     But wait! They’re good kids!

     The suspects are brothers. Their parents both appeared in court Monday.

     The boys’ father pleaded for them to be let out pending trial.

     “My son is not an animal,” he said of his 15-year-old son. “He’s never been in trouble. He made a mistake. He’s only 15. I feel for the other family. They lost a loved one. My son doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.”

     No, he doesn’t “deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison.” He deserves the electric chair – and if we were still a civilized society, that’s what he’d get.

     And did I mention that the victim was white and the “good kids” are black? What’s that? It doesn’t say so in the cited article? Ah, but it does say this:

     [Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie] Smith said there is no evidence to show this attack was part of the ‘knock out game’ or had any racial motive. He said the case remains under investigation.

     Why do you suppose he felt compelled to say that?

     Do you feel this scenario inching closer, Gentle Reader? I do.

4. McCain’s Malady.

     It’s a matter of record that John McCain was bitterly envious of Donald Trump for having done what McCain could not: i.e., win the presidency. Well, yet another supposed Republican has been exhibiting symptoms of Envious Loser Syndrome:

     Trump-hating Sen. Mitt Romney (Fake Republican-Utah) said on Tuesday that a transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is “deeply troubling.”

     “I did read the transcript. It remains troubling in the extreme. It’s deeply troubling,” Romney told reporters. “Clearly what we’ve seen from the transcript itself is deeply troubling.”

     Romney added: “There’s a process the House is pursuing. The Senate is also looking at the testimony of the whistleblower.”

     “Deeply troubling,” eh? Let’s see, now:

  1. Joseph Biden was the vice-president in 2016.
  2. He boasted openly of having arm-twisted the Ukrainian government into firing the prosecutor investigating Burisma, where his son Hunter was a highly paid “consultant.”
  3. He is now one of the prime contenders for the Democrat presidential nomination.
  4. If nominated, he has a chance of becoming the president of the United States.

     To me, President Trump’s request to President Zelensky that Ukraine renew its investigation into that sordid affair is the one and only responsible thing he could have done. If the Bidens are exonerated – not likely, from what we already know, but possible – no harm done. If they’re found complicit in this corruption scheme – that is, if the investigation reveals that Biden’s video-recorded boast was factual, which isn’t something we can assume, given his previously established prevarications – America heads off the possibility that it might unknowingly elect a corruptocrat to its highest office.

     That is exactly and only responsible behavior from our head of state. That another nation is involved doesn’t alter the central fact: the persons at the center of this affair are Americans, one of whom has a nonzero chance of attaining the highest office in our nation.

     “Deeply troubling,” my bleeding Irish-American ass! What I find “deeply troubling” is that Mitt Romney was once the Republican presidential nominee – and that the above is his return of service for President Trump’s having helped him to win a seat in the United States Senate.

     That’s it for today, Gentle Reader. My telephonic peregrinations and vermiculations will now resume. Oh, for joy, for joy. See you tomorrow.

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Linda Fox said...

Ironically, the Take-Down-Biden karate chop may be the undoing of a LOT of the Dem Elites. They're desperate to move this impeachment forward, to keep Biden from facing the consequences of his actions. Worse, keeping a WHOLE lot of other people from heading to the hoosegow - Obama, Clinton, Jarrett, Powers, Lynch, et al.