Thursday, September 26, 2019

Impeachment? Fuhgadaboutit

Why bother with the pretense of Due Process?

Let's go straight to sentencing and hanging.

My husband is an early-morning news watcher. It makes some sense; he can quickly find out the weather and traffic on those mornings when he has a job (he's currently working as a sub teacher in local schools).

Consequently, I'm forced to hear a lot of fluff, stupid 'news' about the station's on-camera people's lives, and - as of today - a WHOLE lot of:
Trump has been found guilty by the Media
Endless re-hashing of the same old accusations - but, this time, with breathless excitement about the upcoming execution - er, um, I mean, impeachment.

 In 2018, Fox News reported that a majority of voters thought he should be impeached - oh, I'm sorry, it wasn't voters, it was an online poll. Which is JUST as good as voting IRL, so clearly we should dump that inconvenient physical presence thingy that is mandated by federal and state constitutions.

Maybe we could work it like The Masked Singer! Send your vote by text to 1-800-ImpeachNow to kick him out of office, after which the hangings will commence - on LIVE TV!

Right after these commercials from our sponsors, Ajax Hardware, which sold us the rope to hang the Traitor Trump!

BTW, that Fox poll mentioned above? Didn't ask if voters wanted Trump impeached. It reported that a slight majority was in favor of the Mueller hearings.

Impeachment is widely misunderstood by the public. They think it means that the one impeached has been found guilty.

It does not. It merely allows a sitting government official to have his case sent to the Senate, who can remove him from office. After that, he MIGHT be tried in a court - but, likely not. It's more common to just drop the whole thing.

Some of that is the fact that the legislature just wants a miscreant out of office. Some of that is that the 'case' against a president/other politician is a procedural thing. It doesn't matter whether the person is guilty or innocent, the process is a politically-influenced vote. Actual proof, even amounting to the level of minimal cause to indict, need not be present.

The ever-restrained, sober, and scrupulously impartial Hollywood has weighed in - the Leftist Elite are in favor of impeachment - right NOW!

Michael MooreFatOnHisBodyThanShamu wants a quick timeline - before Christmas. Maybe He can ask the Great Pumpkin?

Piper Perabo (who dat?) helpfully gives a link to help the process along. I'm SURE the stalwart, TOTALLY IMPARTIAL citizens that set up that app were just motivated by public spirit.

I kid, I kid. They want him in prison. BEFORE any court proceedings.

New Yorker is solidly on the side of impeachment, although, in their pontification on the subject, they let slip an accidental truth:
in 1868, Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House but remained in office after being acquitted in the Senate by a single vote. The nominal ground for impeachment involved his dismissal of a member of his Cabinet, but impeachment cases are always about the politics of the moment as much as the evidence before Congress.
And, Nadler (D-NY)?

He's already butted heads with Trump, and been quite vindictive about it.
Nadler’s district included the site of a Trump project, which was originally called Television City because the centerpiece would be a hundred-and-fifty-story building that would serve as a new headquarters for NBC. As a courtesy, Trump invited Nadler to his office in Trump Tower to show him the plans. “I thought it was grotesque,” Nadler recalled recently. Trump told Nadler that the tower would be residential above the first forty floors, and mentioned the Hancock Center, in Chicago, which is a hundred stories tall. “He says, ‘Do you know that the people on the top floors of the Hancock Center, before they go out in the morning, they call the concierge desk to ask what the weather is, because they’re above the clouds, they can’t really see it?’ I’m thinking, What a drag, but he’s getting excited about this,” Nadler said. Nadler asked whether Trump intended to live on the hundred-and-fiftieth floor of the new building, and Trump replied that he did. “And I realized what this was all about,” Nadler said. “He wanted to be the highest man in the world.”
The battle over Television City— later renamed Trump City and finally known as Riverside South—became a multi-decade epic, even after the hundred-and-fifty-story building was scrapped. (NBC decided to keep its headquarters at Rockefeller Center.) Nadler helped lead the opposition, and continued to do so after he was elected to Congress, in 1992. He made sure that Trump did not receive federal mortgage guarantees for the project, costing the developer millions, and he also stopped the removal of an elevated highway, which would have increased the value of Trump’s condominiums. Riverside South is now mostly completed, on a much diminished scale. Trump’s interest was sold in 2005. But the dynamic of Trump and Nadler’s relationship was set. In his book “The America We Deserve,” published in 2000, Trump called Nadler “one of the most egregious hacks in contemporary politics.”
Not exactly the temperament of an impartial judge.

Is it POSSIBLE that Nadler was retaliating against Trump for failing to support/come up with cash 'donations'? I really can't think of another reason for his over-the-top response to the project.

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