Wednesday, September 18, 2019

In The Annals Of Counterpunching...

     ...yesterday’s “testimony” by Corey Lewandowski before the House of Representatives ought to receive a special prize. Lewandowski did exactly what was required to let the air out of the Democrats’ impeachment gasbag: he behaved like a Democrat being questioned by Republicans! He averted, evaded, provided facetious answers, answered questions that hadn’t been asked, and in the case of the Dishonorable Sheila Jackson Lee, he made explicit note that her five-minute rant at him contained no question to answer. In short, he made the smear peddlers of the Left, desperate to find something with which to defame President Trump, look like what they really are: yapping Pekinese and Chihuahuas dogs, trying vainly to bite the ankles of a far better man.

     (DELIBERATELY OFFENSIVE OBSERVATION AHEAD: Read the following paragraph at your own risk!

     Concerning Sheila Jackson Lee: What is it with these self-important black women and their three-names fetish?[1] Do they harbor some cargo-cultish notion that it can make them members of the political elite? That if they pattern their names after those of Old South plantation mistresses and Beacon Hill blue-bloods, it might elevate them to comparable altitudes? Not bloody likely, La’ShaNee*Qua!

     Thank you for your forbearance. Our normal, normally offensive commentary will now resume.[2])

     It’s not the first time a “witness” from the Right has humiliated a gaggle of Leftist thugs with seats in Congress, but it’s one of the most memorable. Moreover, it illustrates one of the Trump virtues that previous presidents and their aides have failed to exhibit: the willingness to fight back, using the enemy’s own weapons when and as appropriate.

     There are other memorable moments to be savored from this first Trump term, of course. Have a few of my favorites:

     And we have this: When a court forced Jim Acosta back into the White House after his press pass was pulled at President Trump’s order, the president didn’t merely shrug and say, “foiled again;” he took another approach: he canceled presidential briefings to the press:

     It's been six months since the heckling stopped. Six months since the last White House press briefing. Six months devoid of noxious nonsense....

     When any Republican is president, at least one or two reporters become hecklers at the White House press briefings. It’s their ticket to liberal media fame. It started with Dan Rather heckling Richard Nixon. Then Sam Donaldson badgered President Ronald Reagan all the way to national stardom, despite looking like a muppet and acting like a grinch. Who can forget how David Gregory of NBC went after Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer during 43’s first term?...

     CNN’s White House correspondent [Jim Acosta] showboated every day, badgering White House press secretaries Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders with gotchas designed not to illuminate or inform, but to make himself the star of the perverse show. Sanders always handled him with a grace he never deserved. Acosta may have believed he was helping the audience—the American people or, more likely, his fellow anointed scribes sitting around him—but he was only helping himself. He used the justified revocation of his “hard pass” to rally more media hecklers to his side. And then he got a book deal out of it. All while he and his fellows in the anvil chorus pretend that every time President Trump pushes back against their insults and petulant on-air rants it’s somehow a new and unprecedented threat to democracy.

     Try grabbing for that microphone, Acosta!

     Among the things this president will be remembered for, his lessons to other Republicans on how to fight back are the foremost. Yes, President Trump is achieving greatly. Yes, he’s straining to the limit to fulfill his campaign promises, and God bless him for it. But the great failing among Republicans this century past has been an unwilllingness to fight when attacked. Ann Coulter could have told them so; in fact I think she did. President Trump is giving them examples to study – and study they must.

     It’s been a great almost-three years. Please, God, let us have a second Trump term! The exploding heads in the media would make it worthwhile all by themselves!

     That’s all for today, Gentle Reader. I have a major dentist’s appointment to prepare for. Back tomorrow...I hope.

And now, in laudatory emulation of my Esteemed Co-Conspirator Col. Bunny, the Notes section:
[1]: Cf. Marian Wright Edelman, Carol Moseley Braun, et alii.
[2]: “If I am offensive, you may take it that I am offended!” – Christopher Plummer as Sherlock Holmes, in Murder By Decree



Have "fun" at the dentist.

I concur - there are times when Trump's style, whether in person or through proxies, grates. But as Evan Sayet noted, HE FIGHTS.

And about time.

I was utterly despondent during the Iraq war when W. utterly refused to engage as the enemedia tore him down. For example, WMDs. We found samples of chemical and bio weapons; should have challenged reporters to sample them.

Andy Texan said...

Sheila Jackson (Lee) is a low IQ carpet bagger thuggee from New York (and a Yale lawyer believe it or not) who has taken up a minority fiefdom in the Houston area and my 'representative in congress.'