Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Power of Dreams

From HillFaith comes an odd story of Muslims being converted through their dreams.

Dreams are powerful. In everyday life, many pursuits are referred to as "Dreams".

The Bible is filled with stories of dreams that are used to prod someone into a change.
Click on the link in the caption to read the stories (follows the graphic).

But, Christianity is not unique in placing importance on dreams. For a Jewish perspective, click here. And, Kabbalah is a branch of Judaism that places considerable importance on interpreting dreams.

Muslims have a long tradition of believing that Jesus will appear at the End of Times - however, he will do so in a yellow robe. Every one of the recent Muslim dreamers were quite positive that he comes in their dreams dressed in a pure white robe.

Some, perhaps more cynical, point out that they could be faking the stories they tell, believing that their chances of getting into America/other Western countries will be enhanced by claiming to be a converted Christian.

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