Sunday, September 29, 2019

Ultimates And Implications

     Gather ‘round, Gentle Readers, and I shall tell you a thing. You’re not going to like it, but gather ‘round anyway. You need to hear it, and anyway, this is what I do. I do it in large measure for you. No, no need to applaud.

     There are people trying their level best to enslave or kill you. They’re at it every day. They want nothing less than your complete, abject subjugation. Failing that, they’ll accept your death. But nothing else will satisfy them.

     Many of those people call themselves Americans. They’re not, but that’s what they call themselves.

     Some of them are politicians filled with a lust for power:

     Some of them are activist zealots who think nothing of abusing children for their purposes:

     Some of them call themselves journalists:

     Some of them are your neighbors. They might even be your friends and relatives:

     In the Church of the Woke, on the other hand, there is no forgiveness. If you screw up - at least according to this church's dictates - that's it. Your life is forfeit no matter how inconsequential the sin may be, how long ago that sin was committed, or what good you may have done in the meantime. You can - oh, I don't know - raise a million dollars for charity and yet still be damned for all time for something stupid you said years ago. Hell, not even your childhood can escape this scrutiny -- because apparently, the Church of the Woke has decided to throw decades of developmental psychology out the damn window for the sake of its fevered utopian dreams. [From The Right Geek]

     And what unites them all are these two things:

  • They hate you.
  • They want to enslave or exterminate you.

     The irreplaceable Chris Muir has fingered one of the loci of this madness: the feminization of American law, society, and culture:

     That’s a big part of it. Moreover, feminization paved a road for another avenue of attack on us: the infantilization of our politics, as exemplified by the Thunberg and Hogg phenomena cited above.

     (There’s a considerable emotional resemblance between Greta Thunberg and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, wouldn’t you say?)

     Women in civilized societies don’t behave the way the harridans of today behave. But then, ours is a society that tells women who elect to be homemakers and mothers that they’re “wasting their lives.” It encourages children to experiment with homosexuality. It encourages them to believe that they were “born the wrong sex”...and permits their mothers to convince them of it, especially if they have penises. Indeed, ours is a society in which it’s legal, de facto at least, to kill fully-born infants. Any who dare to decry these things openly are condemned as “bigoted” and “intolerant.” If those don’t disqualify us for “civilized” status, I can’t imagine what would do it.

     What does it mean, in aggregate? Doesn’t it constitute a denial of reality itself? Isn’t it a proclamation that there are no absolute facts, no truths upon which agreement is necessary and desirable? Doesn’t it elevate hatred to a virtue? Doesn’t it put Man – well, some men, at least – on the Throne of God?

     If you think I’m wrong, tell me why.

     Have a few words from a piece by Sarah Hoyt on the Carson King / Aaron Calvin horror:

     [H]ere is what happened:
     Carson King, 24, raised over $1 million after holding up a sign during ESPN’s “College GameDay” on Sept. 14 in Iowa. The sign asked for Venmo donations for his “Busch Light Supply.” King donated the funds, which were matched by Venmo and Busch Light, to the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

     Okay, let’s pause here and admit several things:

     We have no idea what this kid’s political affiliation was/is. Heck, I don’t know if anyone knows, yet.

     He was running for no office, asking for no charity, not doing anything that required us to know about his character in any depth.

     What we know about him is that he’s a college student who (probably as a joke) asked for beer money and got way more money than anyone could expect.

     Which is when he did something I — personally — couldn’t do. Look, guys, if someone gave me 1 million, I’d pay off some of the kids’ loans (we only paid half their undergrad tuition each, plus living expenses/supplementary expenses) And depending on how much was left after taxes, pay down our mortgage or get us cars younger than 25 years.

     I don’t think I’d have the courage/fortitude to donate it all to a children’s hospital.

     The other thing I THINK I can say for sure is that despite the culture war we do all still agree that sick kids deserve treatment, right? We do still all agree on that, right?

     So, this kid, whoever and whatever he was, was a hero and almost a saint in a way most of us couldn’t do: being a young man, with his life to establish, he didn’t say “I’ll start a business” or “I’ll buy a house” or even “I’ll have the biggest party.” No. He said, “You know what I wouldn’t have this money normally. Let’s do some good with it.”

     So this is the part that made me go “In heaven’s name why?”

     Des Moines Register reporter Aaron Calvin reported on two tweets written by King when he was 16 while compiling information for a profile on him, published Tuesday. The tweets were brought to King’s attention, and he apologized before the Register published the profile, including the unsavory comments.

     The kid isn’t running for anything, guys. He’s not selling the public anything. He’s just a private citizen going about his private business. Who would go digging through is twitter feed to find SOME dirt from when he was too young to have a filter? WHO IN HECK EVEN THINKS of doing that?

     Only someone consumed by envy, Sarah. Nothing else could power such an infamy. Envy is inseparable from hatred: specifically, hatred of the good for being good and for no other reason.

     Aaron Calvin is a creature fueled by hatred. Carson King did a hugely meritorious thing. He came to the attention of the Des Moines Register, which put Calvin’s spleen into overdrive. Calvin could see that King is a better man than he could ever be, so he had to “act.” He had to destroy that which he knows he could never be.

     But should you ask Aaron Calvin whether he considers himself to be a good person, I have no doubt he’d answer in the affirmative. He’d say his firing was “unjust.” He’d tell you he was “just doing his job.”

     And no doubt some other outlet will hire him to do more of it.

     In his classic story “Slow Sculpture,” the late Theodore Sturgeon presented a character with a special gift: the gift of “asking the next question.” After some series of developments appears to have settled, what is the next question to be asked – and answered? Sturgeon’s character applies a powerful intellect to both raising and answering those questions.

     A series of developments, some of them germinated from seeds planted long ago, has matured to full and undisguised ugliness in the United States. A significant fraction of “our” people, some in positions of power or widely influential occupations, is striving to enslave or destroy us. They display no inclination to stop voluntarily. There appears to be no price that would “buy them off” for even an instant.

     Herewith, my take on the “next question:”

What are we going to do about it, and when?


JWM said...

Good morning. I just happened upon this statement from Vox Day this morning.
I've gone from being a fan of VD to having sort of a love/hate thing going. At any rate, when Vox is right, he is right.

"We are living in the Crazy Years. It falls to us to build fortresses and monasteries of sanity. It is our responsibility to preserve knowledge and truth. It is our honor to stand up for that which is rather than that which someone feels it should be. And it is our responsibility to show up for the future, in order to ensure that the insane do not inherit the Earth."

More important, though is to build a fortress within our minds and hearts. I awaken early, and spend an hour or more each day in what I call my coffee meditation. I sit half awake on the futon, and let the caffeine coax my brain into consciousness. This is when I pray.
Yet often. All too often I find that quiet place between me and God invaded by the legion of pissoff demons that crawl through our media saturated culture. Politics invades the most intimate spaces of our minds. This is a curse. Once seen it cannot be unseen. Even the quiet spaces have become war zones.
Anger is listed in the Seven Deadly Sins for a reason. It also makes the list of Buddhism's top three poisons. It is a serious challenge, and one I don't do too well with. How often do we have to engage in selective denial of the bullshit lest it get inside the perimeters and ruins a day. I don't know. I have no answers. I'm kind of Luddite. I have no television, no radio, no newspapers in my home. I will not have a smartphone, an e-bike, or a vape pen. I get my news and information on-line at the desktop. Nonetheless, I have to dodge the woke even in my own home.
Like I said. It's a challenge.



I won't link to my article about faith, having just done so and not wanting to abuse posting. But you are correct: they have abandoned G-d and made themselves into ones. That has deep implications.

They already believe themselves to the the anointed Philosopher-Kings (xref Thomas Sowell's book "The Vision of the Anointed") and with an added divine right to remake civilization, or at least western civilization, into what they want, they're dangerous.

They, as I keep saying, are MISSIONARIES. They believe themselves to be better, more noble, more enlightened, etc. We knuckledraggingslopedforehead types stand in their way. We are HERETICS, and are therefore EVIL for standing in their path.

History is replete with lessons what happens when those who gain power truly believe their opponents are evil.

Short term? Talk with your friends. Give money, write letters to the editor, give money to critical House, Senate, and Trump's campaigns as best one can. And, of course, pray every day.

And prep, prep, prep - because even if we win there's no guarantee it won't dissolve into a shooting war. But guaranteed - like the sun rising in the east - if they win, it will.

Paul Bonneau said...

"A significant fraction of “our” people, some in positions of power or widely influential occupations, is striving to enslave or destroy us."

This is pretty standard human practice, where power is concentrated. Even (or especially) those with the best of intentions succumb to the evil. I'm not a fan of Lincoln, but he was right on target (though failing his own test) with this quote:

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." --Abraham Lincoln

Power derives from humans following a leader. When things turn to shit, there won't be much following going on, except for local warlords I suppose. Being armed will be a big help.

As to what to do, prep. You can't kick off the war yourself, and you will never know or anticipate when someone else will. Patience is a virtue, as is the knowledge that each of us can only affect some very small sphere around us. Voting is a joke and won't change anything (Trump's election just postponed the inevitable). We don't know when the war/revolution/upheaval will come, but we can be pretty sure it will come (the alternative being even worse, e.g. 1984).


Speaking of a complete denial of facts, I just saw this on LinkedIn:

The comments bespeak a complete inversion of reality.

DayByDayCartoon said...

Thanks, Francis!

Glen Filthie said...

Spectacular post as always, Francis.

Jim is another good blogger who was on this same path recently, and he said it in a way that still resonates with me... and I may be paraphrasing... but:

"People that can be made to believe in absurdities - can be moved to commit atrocities..."

I will be keeping my guns, thanks.