Monday, September 30, 2019

The Two Towers

No, not the Twin Towers. Tolkien's story.

For me, this was the hardest part of the trilogy. I'm a big fan of the genre, but I always lean towards those stories that have a simple arc:

  • The Good Guys get into trouble/get attacked
  • They get their butts kicked, good
  • After a time to re-group, they re-attack, and, this time, they defeat the enemy
Short, simple, and - usually - in one film.

Not three. With the middle one being so filled with despair, defeat, and slogging through a fetid, swampy mess, that the audience/reader begins to lose heart.

In fact, not fiction or movies, much like life itself. Too often, Real Life is short on victories, and long on setbacks, betrayal, and despair. All that is why Family, Community, and God are so important. Like Frodo, we need those other souls to lift us up when Life slams us into the muck. When our friends desert us, seem not to have our back, and get fed up with our whining and complaining.

That's real life - often disappointing, seldom providing opportunities to survey the field of our vanquished enemies.

We're in the Middle part of this story. Huge Orcs, dragons, and other assorted enemies have been unleashed by the Enemy (THEY consider themselves our enemy - it's a self-assigned designation).

They have - once again, with the eager help of our pseudo-friends - assembled the troops, handed out the plans for the assault, and prepared to besiege the castle. This time, they have left behind little lizards who have planted traps for the inhabitants, seeded their lies into the records, and enticed their boss to utter the Cursed Words. Those words will, if spoken by the leader, magically send him straight to a very deep dungeon, unable to escape the chains by which he is held.

Despite the blandishments to just SAY the Words, the leader has resisted. Some say it's because he's aware of the attempted trap. Others say it's because his speech is entangled and muddled.

Who knows? It could be either, or both.

In any case, the Evil Opposition is furious about the failure to entrap him. They have resorted to bypassing the legalities, and heading straight to conviction.

OK, that's not TECHNICALLY correct. But she expects to vote on impeachment before the end of the month. She's scheduled the primary accuser (I can't call him a witness, because he didn't witness anything) to have finished his statements and questioning within ONE WEEK.

There are cases in traffic court that take longer.

Why the rush?

Well, if you're a regular reader of this blog or those of other Guys in Pajamas, you know the answer:
She's afraid that if this goes on longer, the truth will come out.
What truth?

Biden and most of the Democratic leadership are hip-deep in Corruption, Lies, Personal Enrichment Through Shady Means, Cronyism, and - yes - some actual CRIMES.

Due Process for Trump is being trashed, he is being accused by someone who has no direct knowledge of the call, and he is being denied the right to confront his actual accusers - which would also give him a chance to question their own background and biases.

This is That Time. The time when every patriot needs to respond - LOUD and CLEARLY - that we will NOT accept a sham prosecution that is designed to stop honest investigation of crimes committed by politicians.

Reach any politician within your scope of influence - those whose district is within a 3-hour drive of your home - and let them know they WILL:

  • With your help - both money and time - lose the next election
  • If they DO lose, the leadership will be too busy trying to keep out themselves out of jail to help THEM do the same
  • Not look good in the history books - this Rush to Judgement looks bad - VERY bad
  • Have Pi$$ed off one guy who is NOT noted for saintly forgiveness - who is likely to beat the conviction rap - and will be emboldened to strike back, twice as hard
Contact points:

Go in the search bar to find your Representative (for those who aren't sure). 
  • Phone until the lines are hopelessly clogged. 
  • Use the email address to compose a note from YOUR email address (I don't trust any communications to NOT disappear that is controlled by Dems).
  • Fax - yes, I know you don't have a machine - but you can use an Internet Fax - absolutely FREE! Don't forget to Confirm the Fax by clicking on the link they send to your email.
Don't forget to contact your Senators - particularly if they are Democrats, or squishy RINOs (but, I repeat myself).

Give them the same message.

This started out to be a quasi-religious reflection on current times. It got shifted when I woke up to the 'news'.


Lurking Reader said...

Already done. This is a cold civil war and they have no idea just how hard people will fight them.

Linda Fox said...

I don't know. I think you overestimate just how hard people will fight. The peoples' back is not yet up against the wall. They can still tell theirselves that the situation isn't that bad, and that impeachment of Trump isn't so unreasonable, and, and, and.

It has to hit them PERSONALLY. Which it won't, until AFTER the guns are confiscated.