Thursday, September 12, 2019

Eighteen Years Later Part 2: Those Who Would Have Us Forget

     The Left always plays the long game. Gramsci described its lineaments in his famous phrase “a long march through the institutions.” For anyone with the patience to analyze that pithy phrase, the Left’s whole program is there. This is nowhere more visible than with reference to Black Tuesday: September 11, 2001.

     As I wrote yesterday, America’s current crop of teenagers knows only that others have told them about the 9/11 atrocities. Well, who are those others and what have they been saying?

     And we also have:

     And let’s not forget the claims that it was all a government conspiracy.

     The “institutions” have relentlessly striven to shift the responsibility for the 9/11 atrocities away from religiously motivated Muslim terrorists, from Islamic hatred of America, and from our catastrophically lax immigration and border control systems. Toward what? It hardly matters. Create enough noise around the event and the facts will be obscured beyond recovery.

     That’s not all, of course. We also have the ongoing sallies by “peaceful” Muslims to distance Muslims and Islam generally from Islam-powered terrorism. Yes, it’s a formidable undertaking, but they try their best. Review the Ilhan Omar video embedded above. Then review this one:

     And this one:

     Then think about the vulnerable, impressionable young Americans being deluged with this...and the America that will someday be theirs to operate and govern.

     Few things anger me quite as much as the objections – always from a representative of some group that claims “oppressed” status – that the rest of us shouldn’t hold the deeds of their miscreants against them. Why not? Because “we’re not all like that.” See the Brigitte Gabriel video embedded above for the perfect rejoinder.

     Religiously-powered violence is particularly egregious. For those who lack a clear understanding of why, allow me to make it maximally explicit:

A command from God supersedes all other commands.
It annuls all constraints.
It abrogates all other obligations and priorities.

     The religious warrior has no choice in the matter. He must do as God has told him. Allah has told Muslims that holy war against “unbelievers,” to bring them low and compel them to submit to Islam, is their supreme obligation. It’s in the Koran, which Muslims are taught is the literal word of God. As we mathematical types like to conclude, quod erat demonstrandum.

     Mention that, and the cries of “Islamophobia” (and “racism,” though Islam is not a race) will surely rise to assail you. You’re a “bigot.” You want to “oppress” innocent Muslims – the very people who not only refuse to cooperate in locating the terrorists and terror organizers among them, but who shield and succor them as a religious obligation. The very people who claim Jews are “the descendants of apes and pigs.” The very people who believe – once again, as a religious doctrine – that no Muslim is required to accept the authority of any “unbeliever” in any situation...and therefore, that a sincere Muslim can hold no allegiance to anything but Islam.

     Yes, really.

     The “institutions” of particular note:

  • The educational system;
  • The news media;
  • The entertainment industries;
  • The bureaucracies;

     ...are all Left-dominated, which gives rise to the key question of the hour: why? The Left and Islam are completely opposed on many things dear to Leftists’ hearts: abortion, homosexuality, unbridled sex, public displays of flesh and vulgarity, atheism, and others. Why, then, do the Left’s institutional bastions do so much to protect Islam and Muslims?

     The answer is fear. Not fear for themselves; they have little of that, despite the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Jyllands-Posten. Islam and Muslims are perfect instruments for promoting fear among the rest of us. Fear that our country has been targeted for subjugation by a theocratic creed whose allegiants are swarming into our land. Fear of the vipers they have brought among us, who might strike at any moment. And of course, fear of the Left’s condemnations of us as “Islamophobes,” “racists,” and “oppressors.”

     If you wish to control a people, make them fear. Disarm them if you can, so that they must repose all hope of defense in the State. If you can make them sufficiently fearful, they will accept whatever controls you care to place upon them, in the name of “security.”

     The irony could not be more dramatic...nor more extreme.

     I reserve my greatest ire for those who’ve dared to equate Islam with Christianity, the faith whose Founder said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” These bring out the beast in me. I vividly remember one odious bastard who dared to do so to my face, at a dinner party to which we had both been invited. That I didn’t indulge my desire to lay him out cold on the floor, out of misplaced concern for the good opinion of my hosts, is among my few severe regrets.

     There are persons with significant public profiles who’ve been straining to do that ever since 9/11, if not before. Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris come to mind at once. There are others. Most of them pretend to frame their calumnies as opposition to all religions as “irrational” and “unnecessary.” Have a good look at their actual targets and draw your own conclusions.

     The harm these bastards do is beyond my ability to capture in a net of words. In synergy with the Left, they are steadily pushing Christianity to the margins of society: a set of convictions and practices not to be admitted to polite discourse, as though it were somehow shameful. But what have they said about Islam? Anything comparable?

     Can you hear the crickets chirping? I can.

     Those who would have America forget that the atrocities of Black Tuesday were perpetrated by Islamic terrorists motivated by Islam’s explicit commands will relent no more readily than the Islamists themselves. They must be countered. Yet few have risen to the need. I’ve tried, but mine is a minor voice in a cacophonous landscape. I shall continue for as long as my voice holds out. Any effort is better than none.

     What about you, Gentle Reader?


Backwoods Engineer said...

Slow clap.
And I might have punched that guy, too, Francis.

Brian E. said...

Islam needs a reformation - or it needs to be recognized for what, in it’s current for is: a cancer, and treated accordingly. It’s long term goal is to overcome all - by trickery (it is explicitly allowed - encouraged, even - to lie to infidels - to advance the spread of Islam), or by coercion . The long game plan is to let the infidels co-exist until the Islamic population has sufficient numbers to force conversion - unless an annual ‘tax’ is paid (all the while giving some ‘latitude’ to the ‘people of the book’ (aka Christians). And eventually, when the majority of those in authority are of Islam, being an apostate - or even just refusing to convert/submit is a death sentence.

I don’t like saying it - because of the inevitable death toll - but I fear we are far overdue for another Crusade.