Thursday, September 5, 2019

The REAL Revolution Today

It's not noisy.

It doesn't take place in the streets.

You might not even see it happening.

It's the quiet watching - of the Elite, by the Deplorables.

Most of them aren't even all that keen on Trump - the Left is foaming at the mouth about him, but he isn't the cause.

He's the Bellwether. The indicator that something is deeply wrong with the power situation in this country. Oh, I'm not saying that he isn't doing a good job - for the most part, he is. He's slicing through political decrees disguised as executive actions, taking out bureaucratic regulations that hamper the economy, and appointing judges at a furious rate - which will change the judiciary for a generation or more.

But, the real change is in the American people.

We're less inclined to go along with Bull$hit in public life. We've started answering back, at work, and in the public arena. We've stopped trying to keep our heads down and blend in. We're working on self-education, pushing back on indoctrination-in-place-of-education, and are no longer telling our kids "Go to college, get a good job".

Average people are pushing back against the Leftist policies that have made their cities/states such cesspools of feces, drug addiction, violence. They're tired of being priced out of the housing market by Elites that live unmolested in their rent-subsidized apartments and gated communities.

The Media long ago lost its credibility with the average American, giving the blogs, forums, and dissident social media sources an opportunity to counter the official narrative. This access to media alternatives drives them nuts, goading them to ever-more-outrageous stories and statements.

Women are key to the rise of radical politics. Without participation by women, these radical organizations wouldn't fill a Taco Bell restaurant during a blizzard.


Look at the demographics of those organizations, largely:

  • Very young women, without families to care for - they are looking for fill those empty hours with something that they can point to as meaningful
  • Old - post-menopausal women, often without children or grandchildren (or, not in regular contact with them) - they use the younger people in the movement as a way of passing on their legacy
  • Women who are employed in jobs that have regular hours and little pay - leading them to use their role in those organizations to validate their sense of importance
They are using the same radicals in multiple organizations - astroturfing most of the membership through social media posts shared by bots. Look at the leadership of some of the orgs - they are interconnected with multiple groups.

SIDE NOTE: I've been watching the Dems, and it looks as though Marianne Williamson is in danger of being cut - we might be able to keep her there longer by changing a practice, and telling pollsters that we plan to vote for her. Not that it will propel her to the top, just muck up the machinery a bit. She is gradually becoming Woke to the Leftist Tactics, and she might add an interesting twist to it all.

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