Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Reaping What They Have Sown

     I’ve probably embedded this video before. It’s Nicholas Freitas’s declamation to the Virginia House of Delegates on firearms, gun violence in schools, and the attitudes of the Democrats. Even though my thoughts this morning are not about those subjects, Delegate Freitas expresses a point so pertinent to current events that I cannot imagine it being put better. Please watch it – and pay particular attention to Delegate Freitas’s statement about how the Democrats persistently compare Republican supporters of the Second Amendment to Nazis, and imply that they’re all being paid by the NRA:

     To his credit, Delegate Freitas merely demands that the Democrats display respect for Republicans’ integrity and sincerity, reciprocal to the respect Republicans have shown them. That’s the position of one who believes that civility can be restored to political discourse. As I haven’t acquainted myself with what followed Delegate Freitas’s statements, I can’t say whether his demand was met with respect or venom. However, I’d be surprised if the Democrats, who appear as firmly committed to disarming Americans as ever, were to change their tack at this stage of the debate.

     Many commentators in the Right have predicted that should the Left continue to assail the Right with Nazi comparisons and imputations of being boughten mouthpieces for the “gun industry,” we in the Right would abandon our hope for a resumption of civil discourse and would adopt the Left’s tactics for our own use. Note that Delegate Freitas says explicitly that he doesn’t assume pro-choice Democrats are in the pay of Planned Parenthood. Yet the case for such an accusation is at least as good as the Democrats’ accusation that defenders of Americans’ Second Amendment rights are in the pay of the NRA, an organization that has repeatedly betrayed its charter and its membership by lending its support to gun control measures of various kinds.

     As the Left has merely intensified its attacks on the Right – and has recently added physical attacks to its repertoire – the consequences predicted above have arrived.

     Please review the following recent articles:

     Is the pattern of events clear to you, Gentle Reader? It seems utterly pellucid to me. The Right hasn’t yet produced an equivalent to Antifa, but given recent events such as the savage beating and hospitalization of Andy Ngo, how much time do we have before one emerges – with or without anyone else’s approval? And when, not ‘if,’ that should come to fruition, can you foresee any outcome other than blood in the streets?

     America is gazing into an abyss.

     It brings me no comfort to predict that when the pustule of political militancy bursts, the Left will fare worse than the Right. I’d hope the prospect doesn’t please you.

     Today, reputations are being destroyed and careers are being ended. What of the day when life and limb are actually at stake? How far away is that day? What will we do when families are ripped asunder over politics, when neighbor is set violently against neighbor? Will anyone be able to stand aloof from the chaos?

     The fracas proceeds from the Left having awarded itself the palm of moral and intellectual superiority, on which basis they have exempted themselves from all moral constraints. Destroying us “deplorables” is quite all right; we’re obstacles to their notions of “progress,” so we have no rights in their eyes. If you doubt this, there are articles scattered throughout the Web that will enlighten you. I encountered one just yesterday with the charming title of “When is it Okay to Punch a Nazi?” Yes, really; look it up.

     Delegate Freitas demanded that the Democrats acknowledge Republicans’ sincerity and integrity. As matters stand, that demand has not been answered positively. Meanwhile, assaults on conservatives’ persons and property have been multiplying and intensifying. What will follow seems obvious. The only question that remains is when.

We met on the beach amid rumours of war,
Your head in your hand -- what you saw
You won't say --
As the newspapers flew in the wind
I can see you're one of that kind
Who carry around a time bomb in the mind
No one knows --
When you'll slip the pin

Rumours of war...
Rumours of war...

I see that your dress is torn at the edge,
You are lost, intense, like a man on a ledge
Waiting to jump --
As the waves break over the shore
You say there's a storm that can't be delayed,
And lately it seems to be coming this way
You can hear it break --
Like the slam of a door

Rumours of war...
Rumours of war...

You tell me, just look all around,
At the past and the present, the Cross and the Crescent
The signs and the planets
Are lining up like before
There are souls on fire in the day and the night,
On the left and the right, in the black and the white
You can see it burn
In the eyes of the rich and the poor

Rumours of war...
Rumours of war...

("Rumours of War," Al Stewart)

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