Thursday, September 5, 2019

Spin-Off From the Feminist Revolution

There was a time when the wives of political leaders only advanced to high positions - either in government or in industry - in 3rd World countries, or poorer parts of the USA.

Miriam "Ma" Ferguson took office when her husband had reached his time limit, under the TX Constitution. Her tenure as governor was largely as a figurehead who gave her husband another shot at governance.

Evita Peron was a classic example of a woman who derived her power - both politically and economically - from her husband, Juan Peron of Argentina. Her financial dealings provided considerable for the avaricious couple; her effectiveness with women of the poorer classes was considerable.

"Lady Bird" Johnson putatively ran the television stations, but, according to this story, never would have been that successful without her husband's political influence.

Was LBJ's wife a capable manager? Possibly. But, she clearly had a major edge over the competition via her husband's influence.

More importantly, she she continued the Democratic practice (started by Eleanor Roosevelt with her daily newspaper column) of using her position to manipulate the media.

Both aspects - public relations/media influence, and questionable money-making actions, were a hallmark of the Johnsons' legacy. That returned, full-bore, with the Clintons' White Office takeover.

Even before becoming President, Bill Clinton had benefited from the once-removed money-grubbing his wife engaged in - most notably Whitewater. After Clinton's first few months in power, his wife handled the 1st Lady duties, and used most of her time making alliances with Leftist/Liberal heavyweights. It wasn't until after his exposure as a sexual predator, that HRC would strike out on her "own", with her Senate position.

After her Coronation, HRC was on her own - and she did very badly. She ignored much of the savvy thinking of her husband, and fell into the habit of using female cronies to guide her political career. Their advice, that of largely single/divorced career women, was atrociously bad. She was a largely ineffective Senator, whose ambitions were obvious, and who was widely mistrusted by other politicians. Her complete lack of people skills - the "schmoozing" she did was limited to "tell me how wonderful I am, and grovel when you do so", doomed her in a field that was heavily a people business, both in the part of dealing with the electorate, and cajoling/cooperating with your peers.

Arranging a job for the "Little Woman" is a ploy that allows money (bribes) to flow to the couple through the wife, without tainting the husband. So, that method of getting - um - PERSUASION money into the family's hands, without triggering an investigation, is the preferred way of handling these undocumented donations.

HRC was the quintessential female politician/bureaucrat/money-grubber. Others have followed her avaricious and partner-entangled example, including:

  • Bruce Ohr and his wife, Nellie
  • Willie Brown and his former main squeeze, Kamala Harris
  • Bryan Bowlesbey (Major) and his politician wife, Tammy Ducksworth
  • Fauxcahauntas Warren and her professor husband, Bruce Man - together, their income is nearly $ 1 million/year
  • Bob Dole and his 2nd wife, Elizabeth - she held a few government positions, but made far more money on foundation and corporate board

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Col. B. Bunny said...

An excellent comment. God bless the women of real accomplishment. The courage and wit of the conservative women out there who swim against the tide are humbling and inspiring. But you clearly show that there are women (and men) whose success has little to do with their personal merits.

Let's not forget Michael Obongo got a heck of a job at that Chicago hospital. Something like #300K p.a. and only half time work.

Where are Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken when we need them? To supplement your work, of course. :-)