Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Good Morning, World!

Years ago, a sister-in-law (same name as mine, different husband - why, yes, it DID cause confusion as another brother also married a girl with the same first name) walked outside on an early morning. It was wonderful weather, and she was so struck by the joy of waking up on such a day, that she sung out:
Good Morning, World!
A neighbor didn't even have to turn around - he knew who that would be and replied:
Good Morning, Linda!
 It's that kind of a day today. I slept in (woke up with a sore knee, took some meds and went back to bed), and when I woke, my husband had already turned on the TV. We both rejoiced to see that it was Election Day, and that our Interstate Nightmare would soon be over. We live in SC, on the border of NC, and the down-and-dirty fight for the 9th District House seat (between Dan McCready and Dan Bishop) is nearly over!

We've been inundated with some of the nastiest mud-slinging commercials I've seen in years. They have been non-stop for much of the evening, sometimes as many as 10 in a hour.

So, we look forward to the end of all that - at least until next year.

For something to wash that foul taste out of your mouth, here's a link to an essay by a French soldier, praising the American soldier - his fitness, his professionalism, his willingness to run to a fight. It truly makes me proud to claim relation to some former soldiers and sailors.

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