Sunday, September 15, 2019

Kamikaze Politics

The Bookworm is on a roll - explaining how the Constitution is already in shreds.

The very Foundational Document of our Republic - the Constitution - has already been fed through the shredder, and is on Life Support. Only a long-term and dedicated effort can resuscitate America.

The problem stems from the clueless and illogical mindset of the - God Help Us! - voting public. They seem to think that Wishes are Reality, and that anything that stands in the way of a Alleged Sense of Unfairness must be addressed with legislation (if they are in the majority in Congress), and The Dreaded Mark of The Official White House Pen (if they hold the office of President).

Now, many of the Progressive Followers are Fine People (as a much-maligned politician would say). The only truly Evil People are the Leftists at the top. Sort of like only the Top Nazis were actually Bad; most of their followers were as clueless about the not-so hidden agenda of the Nazi Party, as their ideological descendants are about the Agenda of the Woke.

This foot-dragging opposition to the Will of the People isn't unique to America - Britain is also experiencing an all-out effort to Thwart Democracy, and Kill Brexit. All that, not at all coincidentally, by the very same Elite that oppose the American Public from actually getting their hands on their country - 'Journalists', Leftist and Leftist-appeasing politicians, the bureaucracy - both governmental and NGO, the largest corporations, banking, the educational establishment, from pre-K through university, 'Woke', and VERY privileged women, and, basically, anyone wanting to curry favor with the Vindictive Left (as well as the sizable subset of those not wanting to suffer Arkanicide).

And, against them, are Us.

Most of us are not photogenic, polished, and backed up by a Publicity Monster. We don't have intimidating academic credentials, nor powerful connections. We will not receive a fair break, nor anything more than Elitist Disdain for the commoners that DARE to question the powerful.

So, fighting back against the well-entrenched minority that believes themselves uniquely qualified to tell the rest of us how to live, and what we will be PERMITTED to do, can seem hopeless. But it is not.

Frankly, the massively excessive pushback we've gotten appears to be evidence that they are going all-in in a last-ditch effort to keep their power.

In short, Kamikaze Politics.

Not that the Elite will put THEIR bodies on the line - that's for the Lesser Ones. But, yeah, they're prepared to sacrifice ALL the troops on this last, desperate, fight to the death.


Kye said...

That's exactly what the election of 2020 will be. A last ditch effort by the left. If they win there will never be another Republican president and damn few Congressmen. That's why we need to be alert for all their voter cheating and fraud. They will use every trick from lawyers challenging every lost district to vote harvesting to their old stand by dead people voting early and often, illegals voting and "finding" uncounted votes in car trunks. We must be alert, ready and forceful in upholding honest elections.

Let's face it they wouldn't have a field of complete idiots running if they didn't have a coup up their sleeves.

glasslass said...

I caught a few moments of Levin on FOX last night. That few minutes gave me nightmares. Gentleman on does subliminal studies and how the search engines are now swaying elections. Truly scary stuff with as much as 700K votes influenced in the 2018 election. Who needs Russia when you have Google. Go watch the whole of it. You'll be correct that we'll never see another "free" election again nor will there be anyone in DC not a dem and then they'll go for the supreme court and there will go the constitution and all our rights. Not this generation some for my children's generation and say goodnight America for my grandson's generation.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Then the revolution starts. Again.


Just saw this pic over at Gorges.

From his keyboard to Hashem's inbox for 2020. I think, I hope, I pray that this echoes millions across this country.

My late father was a hard Leftie but I do believe he'd be appalled at the Democrats these days.

Lurking Reader said...

I've come to realize that this is just not a battle for the country anymore, but a spiritual battle that is being fought. Expect the elite to wind up the violence leading to the 2020 election and go all out beserker if they lose.