Monday, September 23, 2019

Short course in modern economics.

Stimulus is the assumed goal of all economic policy, both fiscal and monetary. Demand-side stimulus is the mania bequeathed to us by Keynes, or more accurately by his followers. It is the absurd idea, that an economy prospers by consuming and borrowing instead of producing and saving. Negative interest rates turn everything we know about economics upside down.

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If in fact negative interest rates can occur naturally, without central bank or state interventions, then economics textbooks need to be revised on the quick. Every theory of interest contemplates positive interest paid on borrowed capital.

"Negative Interest Rates Are The Price We Pay For De- Civilization." By Jeff Deist, ZeroHedge, 9/23/19.


Pascal said...

Nice find Colonel: The about-to-become-new-word, de-civilization

I posit that de-civilization provides us a glimpse into another misanthropic Prog vision, all aimed at reversing modernity.

This vision was merely suggested with their embrace of post-modernism. But it's far more open now with their current campaign of trying to force sterilizations as did Sanger 100 years ago. They have tried to pry parents away from their child victims by prosecuting parents as "child abusers" for trying to prevent their child from being surgically or chemical altered (sterilization under manufactured pretexts.)

And it they have gotten so bold as to go on to the far worse: infant murder and body part sales.

Envision a scene more horrid than ancient pagan children screaming during their immolation. That is where today's "priests" dismembers them live to serve ruthless med-tech merchants.

I will henceforth call them de-Progressives, because 1) Progressive is their invented lie, and 2) Regressives is far too mild.

De-progressive is to regressive as anti-theist is to atheist. Now this is not quite a good analogy since I do not know of any of anti-theists actively engaging in horrific acts of cruelty. And the solution to the latter quarrel does not warrant a kinetic response.

At this point I would close, as Fran often does, with an ominous Latin expression. But I'll leave that for him to add.

Col. B. Bunny said...

De-progressive is apt. But then "progressive" is a joke. Either way the end result is Western city streets resembling scences from Hyronimus Bosch.

The abandonment of law to "progress" or sentiment or whim on the part of people brimming with good intentions is dangerous. Charles I went to his death after being convicted of an ex post facto offense devised by the Parliament. A great deal unraveled in England after that and the slaughter of the Civil War ensued in due course. The 17th-c. version of "modernity," I think.

Mankind demonstrates every hour these days that it's incapable of self-government. I visited Russia a while back and got the impression from my local friend that the monarchy worked well for Russia and if the particular incumbent proved to be a fiend, moron or mentally ill, he ended up dead. Without our gigantic regulation-filled administrative/surveillance state te citizen is up against a suffocating glop of malevolence and stupidity that is proving to be impervious to change. With the said Russian example the subject to muddle along and if it got too bad there was a corretion from outside. The malevolence of the Western "democracies" is proving to be lethal to the tune of millions of deaths from war and famine. Were any of the czars as horrific as that?

Pascal said...

LOL. Verbum sat sapienti was what Fran Posted today at the end of his warning to indie writers.

In that particular instant, the phrase was not very ominous. Verbum sat sapienti.

Pascal said...

Yes colonel, "Progressives" has long been a joke. De-progressives present us with no laughing matter.