Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Chasing Down the Government Fraud

Perhaps not surprisingly, the independent media - i.e., bloggers and independent video producers - have done most of the work of tracking down and publicizing widespread government fraud. The linked story is courtesy of Daily Caller, a relatively small media company with a big impact.

But, please - do NOT hold your breath waiting for this to be prosecuted. That simply won't happen - too many of the fraudsters are Democrats, Leftists, and donors.

I'd be thrilled if a select few at the top went to jail - and, by jail, I mean Federal Prison.

The GOP should focus on cleaning up the Swampy-Mess, starting with these programs with poor to no oversight. The linked article makes it clear how the people giving away the phones pay no penalty for doing so.

I'd suggest spending some time perusing the linked database - the Obamacare program is not the only one that needs to be cleaned up. CAUTION: make sure that you take your blood pressure meds before clicking the link.

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