Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said... talk of many things.

This is one of those potpourri-type posts. It's meant to get random thoughts off my mind, and into the post.

(1) I was put onto this by a Rush Limbaugh transcript (BTW, they're free, and provide an easier way for those of us who have hearing issues to enjoy his show). From the Mainstream Media, NBC News, note the no-so subtle framing of the opposing parties.
"Republican-CONTROLLED, or Democratic-RUN. Run into the ground, that is.

(2) Please, Please, PLEASE - play the video at the link - it's the one at the top - it's the best take-down of Democratic B$ that I've heard since Sen. Lindsey Graham went Hulk in committee.

Another video from the hearing is below - again, WELL worth hearing. Nadler is both exasperated and not in control. Lewandowski deftly outflanks him.

There are other videos online - feel free to put your own favorite's link in the comments.

(3) Did Trump make an "indiscreet" comment to a foreign leader?

Who cares? We all know that he's prone to tossing out ideas, off the cuff (at least, seemingly so). I'll just him on actions, not words.

The positive part of all of the TDS stuff is that most people are reflexively conditioned to respond, Oh, Yeah - Another NewsBoy Crying Wolf. We just automatically think, Consider the Source.

(4) The Queen did NOT scold Lewis Hamilton, the Formula One Racer. She gently pointed out how the conversational rules worked. Hamilton seems less upset than those eager to drum up a Significant Racial Incident.

(5) This is disturbing. Nearly as disturbing as the prospect of warfare being taken over by AI.