Friday, September 6, 2019


Sadly, instead of answering deeply penetrating questions from the parliament on how to restore growth, establish a proper budget and energise recovery across the Eurozone, she [Christine Lagarde] blathered on about combating populism and how to address climate change as a macro-economic priority – favoring green bonds in any new asset purchase program. Europe is doomed.[1]
It's comical in a sick way how Western governments make a big show of "taking action" on certain minor items but fail to address existential threats. U.S., German, France, Sweden, and Britain officials wet their pants at any citizen who dares to criticize open borders and the fable of multiculturalism. But both are destroying Western civilization. Any discussion of that? No fricking way. Look. I've got my fingers in my ears. I can't hear you!

One has to laugh at the U.S. government's enthusiastic prosecution of people for alleged violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act. And it certainly parsed the commas and "the"s of Gen. Flynn to find a violation of 18 U.S. Sect. 1001 (respecting false statements made to federal officials). This, while Hillary's egregious toilet-based United States Secretary of State email server is – so far – ignored. Trump makes much of the allegedly improved "unemployment" numbers but won't dare emphasize for Americans that every legal and illegal immigrant inside our borders has taken a job from an American. 90M+ of whom are in fact un-bleeping-employed not "out of the job market."

We have massive debt and massive, pointless military adventures ongoing around the world but, no, the Department of Justice is really energized about supposed FARA violations and false statements. Some fret over the Fed's distortions of monetary policy and creation of asset bubbles yet where is there outrage over the fact that the Constitution does not authorize the creation of a central bank in the first place? Or the second?

Alcoholics Anonymous does the Lord's work in getting alcoholics to face up to the precise way in which they are out of synch with their family, friends, employers, and themselves. Yet there seems to be no mechanism in public life to jerk the reins on the psychopaths, fools, and grifters who constitute our political class for the most part. Certainly voters have no desire or stomach for such necessary chastisements.

As a result we have the Lagardes of this life essentially dispensing advice to 400-lb. guys looking to improve their marital prospects that they should buy some new ties without gravy stains.

This is turning into a five-hanky movie.

[1] "Blain: 'Central Banks Are No Longer A Solution – They Have Become The Risk.'" By Bill Blain, ZeroHedge, 9/5/19.

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