Saturday, February 6, 2016

Quickies: Important Advice... women in or near locales infested by Muslims:

     Needless to say, any “social justice warrior” who views the above will wet his/her/its pants at the suggestion that those poor, oppressed Muslim “refugees” could possibly be responsible for the rapes and molestations occurring throughout Europe. No! It must be those evil white patriarchal cis-male defenders of the oppressive international capitalist conspiracy! Ban them! Confine them to reservations surrounded by twenty-foot concrete walls topped with broken glass and barbed wire, for the sake of the poor oppressed brown people! There’s no time to lose!

     Gun sales, including easily pocket- or purse-concealed handguns, are up sharply throughout the United States. At a time when the police won’t even look cross-eyed at anyone with skin darker than Taylor Swift for fear of a protest from CAIR or ISNA, this is simple good sense – and the SJWs will have no luck talking Americans out of it.

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Anonymous said...

January was another record setting month for background check requests for gun purchases... over 2.5 million. Although down from December's 3.3 million requests (Christmas presents...) it was the highest number ever for a January, and the 9th consecutive month in a row of new monthly highs, AND the 3rd straight month of over 2 million requests... kinda warms the heart, and almost puts your faith in America again. Almost.