Saturday, September 1, 2018

Active sabotage of the executive.

From an interview for Serbia Today with Srdja Trifkovic:
[ST:] Within Trump’s team, including Pence, Mattis and Pompeo, you have people who do not agree with his desire to establish a new modus vivendi with Russia’s President Putin, and are even trying to sabotage such policy.

Let me give you a specific example. When Trump met Putin for the first time in Hamburg just over a year ago, and said that he wanted a new era in mutual relations, his UN Ambassador Nikki Haley declared, “we don’t trust the Russians and never will!” This is nothing short of torpedoing executive policy-making from within.

Likewise, in the tsunami of hysterical rage following Trump’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki on July 16, we have been told any number of times that there existed a “consensus” of U.S. intelligence agencies on the Russian interference in American elections. That is simply not true! There are 16 Federal intelligence agencies in the United States; yet Obama’s select top operatives in just two of them, Brennan (CIA) and Comey (FBI) handpicked analysts to prepare a fact-free report which concluded that there was a high probability of Russian interference. The NSA did not accept this finding, it insisted on a far lower level of certainty. The other 13 agencies were kept out of the loop altogether.

"Multiple Pincers Against Trump." Chronicles, 8/27/18.

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