Saturday, September 8, 2018

This is a Draft - Not a Letter That is Ready to Go

If you look at the 'letter' in the post, you will clearly see that it is NOT a 'all but the signature' letter. It's an early draft - meant to suggest POSSIBILITIES (please excuse the CAPS - I feel that the fools at CNN don't get the point unless they see the emphasis).

So, no - this was NOT a letter ready to be signed - just one that would serve as a basis for discussion.

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Glenda T Goode said...

If you review history you will find that Democrats do not know how to negotiate. Every one of Obama's 'deals' was a concession. Clinton was no better. Carter....well, do I need to describe those years??????

Trump is a master negotiator. Rejecting a present agreement and giving 180 days notice as a time to 'renegotiate' the agreement is standard business practice. The threat of termination is not so much a real desire to abandon a relationship as much as it is a formal request to re-negotiate.

Leave it to the media and the democrats to go into hysterics over stuff like this. None of their people are business experienced and I do not count being a politician as being in business. Had any of the democratic hordes who are embedded in the deep state ever worked for a living in a job with real pressures and demands they would know that this letter is a tool and not an act tantamount to economic war.

You would think that the dems would start learning this stuff and getting their brains wrapped around these concepts but, in the land of sugar plums and fairies otherwise known as socialism, you do not have to worry about real things like budgets of fair trade. The government (??? who exactly is this mystery person?????) will take care of this.

The worst thing about these times is how far up the ass of the democrats the press has its noses.......truth is non-existent in their reporting and unnecessary to their function.