Tuesday, September 25, 2018

How Serious is the EMP Threat?

The fact is, a relatively small actor could throw our country into chaos for a LONG time. But, that's true of many other countries, as well. Ironically, the less-advanced countries would have the most to gain from this strategy (like China). Most of the infrastructure is not dependent on electronics.

The figure bruited about in this article cites 2 billion to shore up our structures from EMP attack. Keep in mind, much of the infrastructure is in private hands. Some is in the federal government offices, and, even there, some of the functions are less important - the endless paperwork is, often, just not that essential to the rest of us.

The main, important features - Defense systems, air traffic control, records of Social Security contributions and other records - military, tax, etc. - are probably already as secure as it's possible to make them.

Frankly, that 2 billion figure is probably inflated. You could triage records/equipment by need. And, there are damn few government jobs/functions that are actually NEEDED.

But, yeah, go ahead and harden the most urgent areas. AND, do NOT use foreign nationals - even if they are legally resident, or have gained citizenship. Vet ALL that are involved in the project, and make sure that they can pass a military-grade security check.


Ed Bonderenka said...

How serious?

Linda Fox said...

The biggest problems would be to those dependent on modern technology, who have not set up alternative backup systems - urban peoples, the elderly, those dependent on refrigerated medications, to name a few. Many of the items used in modern life that would falter:
- cell phones, computers, iPads - not strictly necessary, but they would be missed
- SmarTVs and radios
- foods dependent on refrigeration/freezing
- Pretty much anything bought in the last 10-15 years
- Cars/trucks - good luck to the places that can't provide their own food
- Money/Credit - EBT, government checks. I'm guessing those using cash (whores, drug dealers, off-the-grid types, etc.) will be fine.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Even non refrigerated medications.
We opt for the mailed 90 day prescriptions for my wife's anti-seizures and have hoarded some.
We live in a "just in time" society.

Linda Fox said...

Good point. That need for meds is real, and for those of us over a "certain age" - almost all will need some meds.

My grandson suffers from cortisol insufficiency, and periodically needs pills/shot. That would be difficult in the aftermath of an attack.

One factor that I have not heard discussed is the workarounds - use of AL foil and bubble wrap to cover small electronics, older technology being useable, and a 'hillbilly commerce' arising in the days and weeks after. Additionally, underground facilities in the military likely to be less affected. Concrete does provide a shield.

The type of radiation being released is also a factor - alpha, beta, or gamma.

SgtPete said...

An EMP is triggered by an atomic weapon. Either a fission or fusion. both are nuclear. If such event occurred, an EMP pulse would be the least of our worries. Nuclear war and nuclear winter would commence, many would not make it. Worry more of your survival. I am a nurse and I tell my morbid obese residents, that they are prepared for such an event. This is nature's survival program. Before refrigerators obesity in the fall kept one alive in the spring.