Saturday, September 22, 2018

This Wins The Internet For Today

     “...the collapse of society starts with open mic poetry nights.”

     Bravo, Sarah!

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Pascal said...

I agree on the importance of Sarah's full accounting. And I hate PJMedia now more than ever.

Their presentation format has put me off for years such that I only go there because of Wretchard, and I don't bother trying to comment to his work anymore because of it.

Being away from home and currently writing this on a Win Vista computer that freezes for short and long moments just about every 20 letters -- "firefox is not responding" -- has only made it worse.

As I was trying to read this great piece the effects of the freeze was exacerbated by PJM's insistence on reloading the page I was reading before I was done. And, of course, having to hit what seemed like 20 "read mores" all over again. I finally had to copy the page and paste it into an email draft, and edit out all the extraneous stuff so I could finish Sarah's piece.

You know how much I loath GOPe types, right? Well, I'm convinced their central command are also behind the PJM model of formatting, because it puts me off, and Lord knows how many others, from reading so many more of their great columnists. And, as I said, from commenting more.

Thank you Fran for directing me to this particular column, especially given its aptness to the despicable treatment of Brett Kavanaugh but not only the Left/SSM but also the Senate as a body. The sentence you highlighted is vastly understating the importance of all that Sarah recounts and concludes.