Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Shaming - The New Puritan Ethic Among Elites

For all that they revel in dressing up like Oppressed Handmaidens, the SJWs use shaming as a tactical weapon.

I see this happening all the time on social media. Many people (OK, it's mostly women and younger, more emotional men) jump on a posted "outrage", and use it to declare themselves NOT LIKE THIS SINNER.

It's like the worst combination of middle school and a religious revival. But, without the "icky" Christian thing.

Just public shame. LOTS of shame.

The screams of WITCHCRAFT! Er, I mean RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, H8r.

I blame schools - they're the ones that insisted on assigning The Scarlet Letter. Too many girls imagined themselves as a Hester Prynne (well, not ACTUALLY like the heroine - she accepted that she was wrong, and took all of the blame to herself).

Now they've got that bizarre and twisted story by Margaret Atwood to use for their protests. I read it when it first came out - even then, I thought it was lacking coherence, and imagined a world that was both sexually weird, and not logical.

I mean, in REAL LIFE, women who are infertile, and want to take the children of poorer women, just adopt a foreign kid (fewer questions and background checks). If a woman wants to have her husband's child, but can't, she just outsources it. Preferably to a 3rd World country, where she can pretend the mother is just incubating the kid. Which the lawyers are advising couples to do - use the egg from another women, and implant it in the 'breeder'. If there is no genetic connection, she can't take the kid back.


On a lighter note, I've been watching - with some astonishment - the CRAZY frothings of SJWs who see a White Power Signal in a folded set of arms.

No, really.

Although, to be fair, that's NOT OK, but O-Tay!

Another WP member signaling his allegiance.

OK. This MAY be getting crazy.

When even the ADL - Anti-Defamation League - says you're nuts, it may be time to reach for the Prozac.


Glenda T Goode said...

We should thank our lucky stars that the democrats have given us such a great campaign tool for November. The antics yesterday will live on in history as the democrats going


Remember Robert Bork???????

There will be a big red wave in November and the democrats just guaranteed it.

Kye said...

I sure hope so, Glenda. We must keep the momentum going and the pressure on if we are to reverse the left's rotten policies and save this Great Republic. Make sure you all vote and get out your conservative friends even if you have to drive them. We must show the Congress we want that wall! We will not go away till we get it! We refuse to allow the democrats to import a million welfare cases and democrat voters every year till we have a one party banana republic.


A counterprotestor should have a woman in a burkha wearing a sign "The real threat to womanhood."

Linda Fox said...

One thing we can ALL do is to create memes:
- Use a graphics program (PowerPoint does the job in a pinch - just save the result to a jpeg) to creat a picture with a pithy comment/observation/snark
- For more complicated ideas, or an extended thought, make a PowerPoint to make a multi-slide show. Then, EXPORT that show as an MP4 - essentially, a self-playing PowerPoint that can be uploaded to YouTube. It's YouTube for Dummies. Put links all over the place.
- Talking Head - it helps to sit in front of a blank screen (use a large piece of paper taped to the wall of necessary - the backside of a large desk calendar will work in a pinch). Amazingly, it doesn't require polished presentation skills, or a non-annoying voice. Many people will respond to the message, and ignore the crappy mechanics of the presentation.

I have space on my website, and would be happy to host some of the above - please, keep them PG-ish, would you - if you are blocked by the Powers that Be in Social Media.

Linda Fox said...

I'd also be happy to narrate some of these, if you hate the sight or sound of yourself on the screen.